Fischer, Sasse support nine-justice Supreme Court limit

Ben Sasse, Deb Fischer
Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer Journal Star file photo

by Don Walton Feb 23, 2021 – for the Lincoln Journal Star

My cmnt: The cheating democrats are worse than sore losers. After blatantly stealing the 2020 presidential election with the aid of democrat operatives in four major democrat strongholds and millions of illegally and indiscriminately mailed out ballots, they now want to obtain a permanent hold upon all three branches of government by adding two more states (Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico), four more democrat senate seats, and millions of undocumented democrats (i.e., 20+ million illegal aliens) made into U.S. citizens. But, most egregious of all, would be their attempt at packing the Supreme Court (à la that great democrat/communist FDR) with six more democrat-appointed justices. Ever since the Burger court found a nonexistent penumbra of the 14th amendment in 1973 making abortion on demand the law of the land, ProLife advocates have worked tirelessly to place conservative (that is originalist or constructionist) judges on the Supreme Court. Having finally accomplished this goal after 47 years (and 60 million dead babies) the evil democrats want to undo it in typical democrat fashion – by fiat by packing the Supreme Court with lifetime appointed Leftist judges. Ruth Bader Ginsburg had this to say about that.

My cmnt: The unconstitutional democrats will also attempt to abolish the Electoral College which was specifically established by the Founding Fathers to prevent the big cities (i.e., now Los Angeles and New York) from ruling over the entire rest of the nation.

My cmnt: Having already controlled the Fourth Estate (the term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. Though it is not formally recognized as a part of a political system, it wields significant indirect social influence. Wikipedia) for 80 years they now are attempting to control the internet through their big Tech monopolies. Democrats and communists ALWAYS suppress information, facts and the truth and have essentially silenced all opposition voices (with the notable exception of talk radio) by blatant and discriminatory censorship on prominent social media platforms.

Sen. Deb Fischer said Monday she has signed onto a Senate resolution proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would lock in the current limit of nine U.S. Supreme Court judges.

“Some of my Democratic colleagues have expressed support for packing our Supreme Court for political reasons,” the Republican senator said in a Facebook post.

“This amendment protects the integrity of our nation’s highest court and ensures that it remains an independent branch of government,” Fischer wrote.

The amendment, proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, has been co-signed by 11 other Republican senators, including Sen. Ben Sasse, Nebraska’s other senator.

The proposal would ultimately need to be ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the states.

My cmnt: If allowed to go forward I have complete confidence that three-fourths of the states would ratify this much needed amendment to the Constitution.

Discussion about proposed addition of justices to the court followed on the heels of Senate Republican refusal to consider the nomination of Merrick Garland by former Democratic President Barack Obama with almost a year remaining in his presidency and swift Senate confirmation of Republican President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett in the fading weeks of his administration and a week before the 2020 presidential election.

My cmnt: Because the Republicans controlled the Senate they had the perfect and legal right to dismiss democrat hack judge Merrick Garland and approve the most qualified jurist in a generation Amy Coney Barrett regardless of how close it was to an election (please read Ruth Ginsburg’s statement on this). It should be noted that every democrat, including Ginsburg, were so certain of Hillary’s coming victory over Donald Trump that Ginsburg held onto her seat on the court so that Hillary could appoint an appropriately liberal female judge to replace her. Ginsburg was deathly (as it turns out) ill and should have left the court while Obama was still in office (by any normal standards she had been too sick to remain on the court for years) but was so arrogant that she was determined to have Hillary pick her replacement. Because of her chutzpah she ended up dying under President Trump and he rightly chose a well-qualified, female judge noted for being devoted to interpreting the Constitution by the original intent of the Framers and so in another historical irony Ginsburg did the nation a solid favor.


Worryingly, some of my Democratic colleagues have recently shown support for packing our Supreme Court for political reasons by adding additional justices.The Supreme Court has had nine justices since Congress set that standard in 1869. If Democrats were to pack the Supreme Court today, they would not only change over 152 years of precedent – they would undermine our system of checks and balances and erode Americans’ faith in our judiciary.The independence of our nation’s highest court cannot be jeopardized. That is why I have joined a resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution limiting the Supreme Court to nine justices.This amendment will help protect the integrity of the Supreme Court for generations to come.Thank you for subscribing to my newsletters. Connect with me on social media for more legislation and Senate updates from my office.
Deb Fischer
U.S. Senator for Nebraska
An email sent out by Sen. Deb Fischer (R)

2 thoughts on “Fischer, Sasse support nine-justice Supreme Court limit

  1. LB, thank you for your posts, they are so informative! Those of us who work for a living (outside of government) just don’t have the time to keep up with all the shenanigans and goings-on by the demonRats in Washington, let alone the mischief they constantly cause locally. That’s why dems love gov’t so much. They make their livings and get paid to cause trouble. If their evil plans succeed we will not recognize America going forward. The Assyrians are at the Gates of Jerusalem and only the Lord our God can deliver us now.


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