Some actual benefits from the Covid-19 over reaction

Covid-19: the most over-hyped, over-blown ‘pandemic’ in the history of mankind still has an upside

As of today allegedly 500,000 Americans have died of Covid-19. That figure is most likely overstated by a factor of 10. In a typical flu season between 25 and 50,000 Americans die from the flu. Most of those are very young children and elderly adults. The remarkable thing about the Wuhan Flu is that children are hardly affected by it at all. According to Dr. Scott Atlas, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former chief of neurology at Stanford University Medical Center, “the risk to children from this disease for fatality is nearly zero.”

The American media also failed to report that this virus was more than a 100 times as deadly to people over 80 than to those under 50 and that it posed a very low risk to those under 30.

We now know, most likely due to the taxpayer money that was flowing like Niagara Falls to all things Covid, that this death count failed to make the significant distinction between people who died of Covid versus people who died with Covid.

Those people in their eighties who were already dying from old age, natural causes and diseases that afflict the elderly and people with serious health issues and comorbidities were frequently listed as dying from Covid rather than as dying with Covid. Certainly contracting Covid by these persons could speed up the dying process, as the annual flu does, but it was hardly the sole nor main cause of their deaths. Often anyone dying of pneumonia would automatically be considered a death from Covid whether or not they had been tested to have the virus. People who died of gunshot violence, in car accidents and of suicide (which are way up due to these endless lockdowns) were dutifully reported as Covid-19 casualties.

The highest death tolls worldwide occurred in nursing homes and homes for the very elderly. One does not go to a nursing home unless one is so sick that he or she requires round-the-clock care. People who were in hospice were reported as dying from Covid-19. Obviously the democrats wanted an inflated Covid-19 death count to justify ruining our economy and ruining our lives – and all of this in an attempt to unseat a highly popular president that democrats and other Leftists despised for his successful policies.

Tragically that idiot governor Cuomo of New York sent thousands of infected patients to nursing homes, of all places, while the hospitals that President Trump set up for that ungrateful politician were left unused and this so that Trump would receive no credit for his heroic work in providing thousands of beds and ventilators for the woefully unprepared state and city of New York. Thousands needlessly died as a result of Cuomo’s incompetence or malice.

Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, has written in “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns” that the early estimates of deaths from Imperial College London on March 16, 2020 were overstated by millions. A worldwide panic ensued with jumpy politicians and the next thing we knew the world was shutdown (that is most of it except Sweden which never shutdown, closed schools nor shuttered its businesses and has had no more actual deaths from C-19 than anyone else) and the best economy in 60 years (thanks to our great President In Exile Donald J Trump) was destroyed in a matter of a few months.

Imperial College professor Neil Furguson, author of this bogus report and calling himself an epidemiologist, though his doctorate is in theoretical physics, testified before a committee of the British Parliament that America and Great Britain must immediately close schools and businesses and his completely bogus projections were heeded by authorities as if he were a prophet of God. This same deceiver just a few weeks later showed that he did not really believe his own report as he violated his own lockdown to hook up with a married woman to have sex, reminiscent of our own glory-hog Dr. Fauci who stated that it was OK to break isolation and lockdown to have sex with a stranger.

On top of all of this malfeasance and criminality the CDC and the infamous Dr. Fauci added to the actual deaths from Covid-19 by blocking an early and very effective remedial drug, the famous HCQ cocktail, that could have saved tens of thousands of lives. The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by thousands of doctors and health care scientists and professionals, was virtually ignored by the democrat power brokers and MSM. A medical panel of three of the world’s top epidemiologists testified to the overriding adverse effects of ongoing lockdowns. They too were ignored. More than 500 doctors signed a petition letter to President Trump to stop the needless lockdowns as being far more harmful to the health, safety and well-being of millions of Americans than any real or imagined dangers from Covid-19 itself.

Another issue has been the expensive and needless testing of healthy people for the coronavirus. Suddenly and wrongly the definition of a ‘case’ was changed. It used to mean someone who was actually sick and showing symptoms. Because the democrats needed vastly inflated numbers of cases to again justify the needless lockdowns and to allow the illegal mass mailings of ballots (which were then collected and shipped to polling places in four key cities to create bogus votes for Biden) they also needed a large case count. So mass testing ensued. Much of it was inaccurate. But even those tests that accurately showed some healthy person with no symptoms to have or have had the virus was all that was needed to inflate the number of ‘cases’ to scare the public and allow the trampling of our constitutional rights to continue.

Arguably the worse result of this Covid over reaction has been not allowing children to return to on-site schooling. This has been and will continue to be a dire mistake. Making children wear masks is just evil and stupid. The fallout from this horrendous public policy will be felt by this generation of school-age kids far into their futures. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves (ha, as if that ever happens outside of White Guilt) for what they are doing to a generation of children.

To be clear this virus can be deadly to those who actually get it, have symptoms and get sick – if not treated very soon (within the first five days) and with the HCQ cocktail. The virus also hits those with poor health habits. The very obese, those who stay inside all day and night, those with low vitamin D3 levels, those who never exercise, and those who do not get outside daily into the fresh air and sunshine. Obsessive sheltering-in-place persons actually contracted the virus at significantly higher rates than those who simply went about their normal lives. Interestingly the homeless who live on the streets have a very low incident of Covid-19 sickness. This is because fresh air and sunshine destroy the virus. The elderly (those over 75 years of age and especially those over 80) are more vulnerable. Those with comorbidities and general poor health are more vulnerable. Keeping these people safe can be done by isolating them at home, if they so choose. Isolating (quarantining) the healthy and young is a counterproductive travesty. And isolating nursing home residents from their friends and families is elder abuse. Every nursing home should have a wing for those who don’t want visitors and another wing for those who do. Dying alone and without family nearby is not how most people want to go.

To sum up: the reaction to Covid-19 by democrats, the MSM, the Teachers Union, bureaucrats, the Deep State, Leftists, and politically biased medical professionals like Dr. Fauci has been devastating to America. The advice of the so-called ‘experts’ who are supposedly following the science was 180 degrees wrong and outright harmful. The so-called cure (sheltering-in-place, lockdowns, masking, et al.) being far worse than the actual disease. Even with President Trump’s successful Operation Warp Speed producing a vaccine before any of the so-called experts, like Dr. Fauci, said it could be done we are still and will likely forever be imprisoned by these tramplers on our Constitution. And to guarantee that the destruction would continue the democrats, using Covid as their excuse, illegally mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots so that they could steal the presidential election of 2020 and flip the Senate by causing a bogus runoff election in Georgia.

What good could possibly come from this horrific situation we now find ourselves in?

First, the wearing of masks by insensitive people who habitually cough and sneeze on other people and infect them with their spittle are now confined to their own person. This same effect could be achieved if they would simply cover their mouths before coughing or sneezing but because they do not do this a mask does it for them. The wearing of masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus from normal talking and breathing does not work. The wearing of masks should be voluntary and the not wearing likewise. Also coughing into your hands is a terrible practice. Now people either cough into their mask or the inside of their elbow sleeve or cover themselves with a handkerchief. And with hand sanitizer everywhere they can use it immediately after coughing or sneezing into their hands.

Second, taking the temperatures of people prevents those with fevers from infecting others with their colds and flu. We have been told forever that if you are sick and have a fever stay home. Many have not in the past and infected whole schools and work places. Now they won’t be doing that, at least as much.

Third, scaring people into habitually washing their hands is a good thing. People should have always been washing their hands, many never washed their hands even after visiting the toilet. Now many more people wash their hands or use hand sanitizers than previously ever did. The bogus fear of dying from Covid-19 has done this.

Fourth, restaurants are now actually clean. Before Covid-19 they would typically wipe down the tables with the same dirty rag going from table to table. Now they use disposable paper cloths and sanitizer for each table. Now all of the restaurant workers are wearing disposable gloves. Now they actually wash their hands after using the toilet. All of this should have always been done. Now it is.

Fifth, spacing people out in a crowded restaurant, theater or other public place is really nice. The noise levels are down and people talking loudly right next to you is a thing of the past. Going anywhere and having annoying people keep their distance from you has been just wonderful. And having ‘close talkers’ not stand so close to me has also been a relief.

Sixth, people staying home on the weekends has done wonders with traffic. They also don’t crowd into the public parks. Remote working and learning (at least at the college level) has done wonders for those of us who find it difficult to attend work or school on-site. I must emphasize again that remote learning (an oxymoron if there ever was one) does not work for children or even high schoolers. They need the socialization, meals, attention and person-to-person instruction to focus, pay attention and learn.

One thought on “Some actual benefits from the Covid-19 over reaction

  1. Wow! Thank you so much. Your summation of the C-19 over reaction was eye opening and I clicked on all of your highlighted links and read those articles as well. You’ve really put something together, in one place, to document this whole democrat-induced travesty. I’m telling my friends to check out this article on your site.


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