Greetings and thanks for visiting my website. I’m old enough to remember when having a personal website was an expensive indulgence. Now anyone can do so relatively cheaply and easily.

I have a little more time now for indulging myself in my hobby of writing and a website gives me a place to publish my musings to the world though I suspect the only ones who will actually see or read it will be the people I tell about it (mainly friends and family).

I also want to use this site as a clearinghouse of information on topics I consider of importance and interest and so I will take the role of a curator and publish articles on this site for the convenience and accessibility of my readers. Sometimes I will add my own commentary (denoted with My cmnt:) and/or edit the content for space, brevity or clarity.

My only claim to fame for my writing is having published ten or so full-length (800+ words) opinion pieces in our local newspaper.  I have also written an unpublished (so far) children’s book. I like to envision my children’s book as a wonderfully illustrated picture book but have been told by an editor that it is too long for that and should be made into a chapter book. So I don’t know yet where that is going.

My three siblings, all public school teachers, have told me I should continue to pursue a second career in writing. They are impressed with the personal correspondence I have written over the years to each of them, my columns in the newspaper and the three eulogies I have written for our parents’ and my father-in-law’s funerals. My previous career was performing systems analysis and programming for a large manufacturing company.

I used to play my flute for weddings, funerals and church services but that requires so much practice time I’ve kind of lost interest in continuing to do so. It is difficult to keep one’s embouchure up, for me at least, without continual practice. That is why I kind of envy pianists who can continue to play well into their 80s. The piano does not know who is plunking down on any given key. It could be a person of no skill, a master or even a cat. Wind instruments are far less forgiving.

Another interest of mine has been informing myself on neoDarwinism and its many failings as a valid scientific theory. I recommend two books by David Berlinski titled The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays (DI Press 2009) and The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions (Paperback edition, Basic Books, September 2009). I also recommend anything written by now deceased UC Berkeley Law Professor Phillip E. Johnson, a brilliant man who writes lucidly and accessibly about classic Darwinism and its current renditions and other contemporary societal issues.

My worldview is fitly summarized in The Nicene Creed, The 23rd Psalm and The Lord’s Prayer.