Electoral Map of the Stolen Election

Note: Please click “win” below to see an interactive electoral map of each state. You will see just how close Biden “won” by in the disputed states and contrast this with the large volumes of victory for Trump in the neighboring states. This is unprecedented and highly suspicious.

How much did O’Biden “win” by in the four states that evidence strongly suggests (to put it mildly in politically acceptable terms) that democrat poll workers in coordination with democrat operatives counted 100,000s of illegal and fraudulent mail-in ballots in the wee hours of the morning on the day (and some cases for days) AFTER the election.

In Wisconsin where Trump had a comfortable margin of victory heading into the democrat-run Witching Hour suddenly magical ballots arrived in Milwaukee to give Biden a narrow ‘victory’ of 20,682 fraudulent votes and 10 electoral college votes.

In Michigan where again Trump was in a legitimate tight battle with O’Biden but still leading, magical fraud ballots started being counted in Detroit to give Biden another ‘victory’ by 154,188 fraudulent votes and 16 electoral college votes.

In Pennsylvania where Trump had an insurmountable lead of 100,000s of votes trucks appeared in Philadelphia with barrels of mail-in ballots, all mysteriously marked for Biden (and no one else on the democratic ticket), to flip this key state (which nearly always votes with Ohio) by 80,555 fraudulent votes and 20 electoral college votes.

And finally in that bastion of corruption Atlanta, Georgia the Republican poll watchers were sent home and suitcases full of mail-in fraudulent ballots were drug out from under the tables (as captured on video) and Biden mysteriously passes Trump’s safe margin of victory to squeak out a cheat by only 11,779 votes and 16 electoral college votes. This cheating also cost us Georgia’s two Republican senators by forcing a runoff election and control of the U.S. Senate. After Hollywood and corrupt corporate billionaires poured 100s of millions of dollars into Georgia to register 100,000 new democrat voters the Republicans simply could not match the money for a second time and so narrowly lost what they had previously won.

When President Trump phoned the Georgia Secretary of State and laid out plainly and with indisputable numbers the fraudulent votes (dead people, people who voted more than once, people with bogus addresses or P.O. boxes, felons, underage voters, non-resident voters, non-citizen voters and ballots with illegitimate signatures) Trump easily wins the state. Both the governor and the Secretary simply yawned and said a big fat, ‘So.’

So when we remove 62 electoral college votes from O’Biden and return them to their rightful owner Mr. Trump the total above becomes 244 for the Cheat and 294 for the President. If we add in Arizona which had similar cheating going on in Phoenix where Trump was winning handily before O’Biden mysteriously ‘wins’ by a mere 10,457 fraudulent votes and gains 11 electoral college votes. And Nevada and democrat-run Las Vegas Biden wins by 33,596 fraudulent votes and gains another 6 electoral college votes. Add in these legitimate wins for Trump and his total becomes landslide territory with 311 electoral college votes to Biden’s 227.

Click these links here and here to see the evidence for all of this.

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