Do you miss me now?

I just got back from the grocery store, a very large chain throughout the upper Midwest states, looking to buy some more excellent fresh apple cider. There was only one jug left so I snatched it up. The produce manager just happened to be standing next to this area so I asked him when are they getting some more of this superb fresh apple cider in.

He said that it is back ordered and the supplier doesn’t know when they will be shipping more.

I was puzzled about this. I told him I buy this every year at your store and look forward to it all year, what gives.

Here’s the BIG TELL:

He said that in his opinion it was because many producers of goods sold in plastic are having a horrible time trying to get enough plastic containers to market their stuff. He said as a matter of fact his own large grocery chain was experiencing the same thing. They can’t get plastic lids and containers they have always used in their bakery, produce and deli depts.

I asked him what changed. Why now?

He said I suppose it’s something the government’s doing.

Well, if you read my blogs you can easily guess what I told him next.

I said when diesel fuel prices started rapidly rising a lot of the old, independent truckers just said to Hell with it and retired. When the O’Biden regime kept paying (actually borrowing money from your grandchildren and giving it to their voters) federally funded unemployment compensation into September far less new people signed up to fill the vacant trucking jobs.

Then because Old Joe needed to placate his Far Left base he shutdown domestic oil and natural gas production which of course made the cost of oil-derived goods skyrocket. Many smaller producers of things made of plastic stopped making them.

The democrats have declared war on virtually everything that makes this country work which includes ironically work. With their Loony Left base whining about (alleged) renewable energy, global warming, climate change, racism, sexism, fascism, wokeism, socialism, pronounism, et al. ad infinitum.

I’m old enough to remember working and living in the 80s – the last really great decade. The great Ronald Reagan saved us from the hapless Jimmy Carter and his democrat-led destruction of America (i.e., hyper inflation, high double-digit mortgage rates, gas shortages, gas lines, turn down your thermostat and wear sweaters, Iranian hostage crisis, no jobs, the malaise speech, Soviet aggression, etc.) and then saved us from all of it – not some of it, ALL of it. It was a miracle my wife and I never expected to see.

I was literally working two part-time jobs for low pay and no benefits. Then – Ta Da – President Reagan turns everything around. Companies are hiring again. I get a job out of the blue with a large company with great pay and benefits. This is followed by – because of President Reagan and no one else – the fall of the Iron Curtain and the freeing of millions of people!

Fast forward to 2016. We’ve had 8 years of endless, mostly false attacks on a good man but a weak president – George W. Bush – who refused (or was unable) to defend himself while the democrat-media establishment savaged him in an attempt to cripple his presidency and then 8 long years of Obama playing golf and his disastrous domestic and foreign policies carrying us along in a handbasket to hell, and – Ta Da – President Donald Trump is miraculously (and legitimately I might add) elected and every horrible thing Obama and the democrats were doing to us vanished, like smoke in the wind.

For three glorious years President Trump leads us out of the democrat-created wilderness into the Promised Land. We have lower taxes, a booming economy, a booming (not by artificially borrowing money and dumping it into the 1-percenters) stock market, jobs everywhere, low inflation, low interest rates, and the lowest female and black American unemployment ever. President Trump was on the road to bringing manufacturing back to America, made us energy independent for the first time since the 60s and had made the democratic party irrelevant. On top of all of that Trump lets our enemies know that America is back and not to mess with us. He stops the flow of illegals coming across the southern border, he turns back migrant caravans in Mexico, he does everything to make America great again.

The democratic leadership in the House – which they only had because 48 cowardly Republicans quit because they had previously announced their uh, retirements thinking that Trump would lose and essentially gave the House back to the dems – stated loudly and clearly that this will not stand. America is an evil nation founded by evil people with evil ideals. We must remove this president by hook or by crook.

So they invented out of thin air the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion hoax, hired Christopher Steele to produce a bogus dossier and attacked President Trump thru traitorous leaks, thru bogus investigations, thru harassment, thru their media allies, thru weaponizing the CIA, the FBI, the IRS and the DOJ and then thru everything they had left in their arsenal of dirty tricks.

Yet this brave, determined fighter could not be brought down. So like little girls on the playground they accused him of being mean. They wanted a typical Republican like Bush who would just cower and take it. But none of this massive assault on this lone man worked.

So then Fauci and the Red Chinese unleash an artificially enhanced (i.e., gain of function, which means made way more contagious and lethal) corona virus which drops very old people like flies but surprisingly hardly affects young people at all. Rahm Emanuel’s democrat dictate: Never let a good crisis go to waste – (which means if something bad happens be sure to make it worse, blame Republicans and then ride to the rescue by borrowing trillions of dollars and dumping them indiscriminately on everyone – which always reminds me of The Joker (Jack Nicholson) throwing money to the crowd in Batman) – comes into play.

With this virus we can shutdown the best economy in 60 years (or perhaps ever) and in an unprecedented move closed down the entire country, for only 15 days to flatten the curve, which turned into well over a year, and all of this just to keep the Bad Orange Man from getting re-elected. Even then it appears to me that they still had to cheat the election by breaking election laws, dumping millions of unsolicited illegal mail-in ballots and then miscounting them during the wee witching hours of the morning the day after the election in four major democrat-controlled cities.

To make matters even worse the democrats encourage and lead BLM and Antifa riots all across America – burning and looting and destroying Federal property and buildings – in the 2020 Summer of Love insurrection. Yet not one of these horrible, criminal anti-American, anti-government, communist rioters goes to jail. To the contrary democrat moneymen give them millions in bail money and large corporations give them billions. Democrat AG’s refuse to prosecute them.

To top off this nonsense the democrat-controlled House falsely impeaches President Trump twice and tries to do it a third time when he is out of office. You can’t make this shit up. The democrat-media complex invent an insurrection that never happened while completely ignoring an actual insurrection in Portland.

They are determined to stop, destroy and reverse all of the wonderful, great things Trump did by working intelligently, tirelessly, with long hours and little sleep – unlike sleepy Joe who barely campaigned, “put a lid on it” at 6pm when he actually did campaign, disappeared for weeks at a time, was hauled out of mothballs to read (poorly) a teleprompter speech someone wrote for him, and now as an illegitimate president doesn’t work at all, doesn’t know what day it is nor where he is, and is a sorry puppet held up to do the bidding of his evil, democrat masters.

And now we are back to Carter-like malaise once again and heading for another Obama Great Recession.

Do you miss Mr. Trump yet?

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