Ron DeSantis Details How Florida Protects Their Elections

Ron DeSantis Details How Florida Protects Their Elections
Source: AP Photo/John Raoux
Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich |  @KatiePavlich | Posted: Feb 26, 2021 12:45 PM for

My cmnt: Running a transparent, fair and honest election is not rocket science. If you have no desire and are not attempting to cheat it is not difficult to count all legitimate and legal votes on election day. If your goal is to steal the election thru massive ballot fraud like the democrats did against President Trump in the 2020 election then you will use easily corrupted vote counting (Dominion) machines, mail out millions of unsolicited ballots, count rather than throw out hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots, continue counting ballots well into the next day or two or three after the election is over, forcibly remove Republican ballot observers or move them to a distance where they cannot verify the fraudulent ballots still being counted, keep dirty election rolls, require no ID to vote, count mail-in ballots with no legal or legitimate signature, allow anyone with a pulse (and many with no pulse at all) to cast a ballot, and so forth and so on.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando Friday morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis explained how his state was able to provide accurate and swift election results during the 2020 presidential cycle. 

“Florida has also led and continues to lead on ensuring the integrity of our elections. Now 20 years ago, if you had uttered the word Florida and the word elections in the same sentence, you would have been met with snickers. Well when I came into office, I didn’t wait for a crisis I took early action to make sure we would have a smooth election,” DeSantis said. “When COVID hit I rejected pressure to make hasty and ill conceived changes to our election administration like mass mailing of unsolicited ballots. And the result? On Election Night by midnight, the state of Florida had counted, tabulated and put out 11 million votes.” 

DeSantis also detailed ongoing work to bolster election integrity for the future. 

“But we’re not resting on our laurels. This year, Florida is leading on banning all forms of ballot harvesting and banning third party political groups like those founded by Mark Zuckerberg from interfering in the administration of our elections,” he continued. “The bottom line is this: In Florida, your vote counts and we will continue to have a process that is transparent and that inspires confidence.”

Between his successful handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, work to combat big tech censorship and record on election integrity, DeSantis is already a leading contender for the White House in 2024. 

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