Photo essay: Biden voters protest and riot in Lincoln

My cmnt: Propagandized, guilty, white college educated young women believe everything fed to them by the MSM, their Marxist professors and the democratic party in the bubble they live in. They will never protest actual violence against black people in this country perpetrated by abortion and black-on-black riots, crime, shootings and murder in democrat-run cities with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The only people actually enslaving and holding-down black people in America are the mostly white democratic politicians and a (rap) culture that grows rich off of black people’s misery and celebrates dependence and violence.

Those are the weasel words of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff-for-brains and other lying democrats about the democrat-stooge-orchestrated minor breaching of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021, which they continue to call an “insurrection”, but in reality actually apply to the BLM and Antifa riots of the “summer of Love” (as the idiot mayor of Portland called it) in 2020.

Notice how all of these progressive sheep wear masks, on a warm, sunny day OUTDOORS in the fresh, clean, non-virus, air – in herd-like obedience to their democrat overseers. Not only do masks not stop the spread nor protect the wearer against Covid-19 they actually increase the viral-load and harm the wearer.

The sign holder below says she can’t breathe. Well, take off the damn mask.

Good old Ernie Chambers, erstwhile barber and community agitator, failed to pass the bar and like oh so many democrats with no other means of gainful employment finds a compatible home in government. Mostly via gerrymandering by democrats in Omaha he manages to perennially get reelected to our unicameral legislature. If Ernie is for it, it must be wrong. A state senator’s district is supposed to be geographic – not his. I saw an image of his ‘district’ in the Omaha World Herald (owned by billionaire Warren Buffet) that looked like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle.

What could be more evil, stupid and erroneous than BLM? In point of fact cops do not murder people and the only white supremacy in America are the democrats who sit in Congress and who rule most of the large cities – where blacks have it the worst because of them.

The “mostly peaceful” protests of democrat rioters, after George Floyd killed himself with a Fentanyl overdose while resisting lawful arrest by the police in Minneapolis, always turn violent and destructive of other people’s property. Lincoln alone suffered $10 million in damages from these democrat-induced riots which caused thousands of injuries, billions in property destruction, burned federal government buildings, was an actual insurrection, caused the death of police officers (unlike the FBI instigated breach of the capitol), and accomplished nothing positive or constructive to the country.

Our intrepid Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) is entirely responsible for the riots and looting and vandalism to a large area around the court house in downtown Lincoln. Of course being a democrat she will not be held accountable for her ineptitude. Sadly our valiant efforts to recall her failed. She hails from Portland, Or., one of the most screwed up cities in America and naturally let the violence get out of control here in Lincoln just like her fellow traveler mayor did in Portland.

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