A costly night of violence, vandalism and chaos tops $10 million in damages

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Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) is completely responsible for the violence and vandalism that ensued as the ‘mostly peaceful’ protests turned ugly as night approached and she has unwilling to enforce the curfew she herself had ordered

My cmnt: I’ve been to dozens of completely peaceful Pro-Life protests (except for the counter protesters using bullhorns to yell in our faces) in Lincoln over the decades. We clean up after ourselves, are compliant with police orders, march prayerfully and quietly, have permits, and most of us are Republicans.

My cmnt: During the ‘summer of love’, as the sycophant press reported it, mostly democrats protested violently, burning cities and businesses (such as documented here in Lincoln below) as democrats are wont to do. See many other postings on this site covering with photographic evidence the violence and destruction visited upon democrat-run cities such as Portland and Minneapolis by mostly democrat protesters.

The damage on the main level of the Nebraska Association of County Officials building was so thorough it could be months before employees return to work on that floor, Dix said.

They’ve seen video evidence that 30 to 40 people spent at least 45 minutes inside —  though Dix believes it was longer — ransacking offices.

They broke at least half of the windows that cover the front from ground level to the second-story roofline. They smashed cubicle glass, computer processors, monitors, phones and printers, including a heavy-duty pair that cost $10,000 apiece. One was a backup, he said, though it’s useless now.

They stole laptops, threw chairs through windows, emptied desk drawers, bent cabinet drawers, ignited fireworks and tried to tear TVs from the wall.

The city’s early damage estimate? $25,000.

But that’s low, Dix said. If he had to guess, the total could be 10 times that.

Shattered glass is everywhere, he said, embedded in the floors and stuck in the remaining chairs. They’ll have to replace cubicles, carpet and computer equipment.

The association is one of Nebraska’s oldest, he said, serving the state’s counties for 125 years. It’s always been near the Capitol, moving to the H Street building five years ago.

Some of its employees were already working remotely because of the coronavirus, and the staff is continuing to get its work done this week.

But it was tough for Dix to find the office in pieces, he said.

“You take pride. It stings, especially when it’s so senseless. It’s just destruction.”

Photos of the nights of terror by BLM and violent, mostly non-peaceful protesters

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