Democrat Corruption Political Cartoons 2

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Sean Hannity coined this phrase: Donald Trump, our President in exile, to which I will add: Joseph O’Biden, our Usurper in Chief.

From the Apple desktop dictionary

Sarpy County’s censure proposal focused largely on what it described as Sasse’s “character attacks” on Trump, including the senator calling out some of Trump’s statements as lies and describing some of his actions as “wicked.”

The censure language also says that a majority of Republicans believe Trump would have won in key swing states if not for “tainted” results that were the product of “illegal and unconstitutional election law changes and organized Democrat Party fraud.”

The above quote is from reporting by Aaron Sanderford Omaha World-Herald Feb 5, 2021 Updated Feb 13, 2021

In February of 2021 we had record cold and record snow. Pipes froze clear down in Houston. Texas windmills froze and we had rolling power blackouts all thru the high plains. It has to be O’Biden’s fault.
Joseph O’Biden is all for males (many of whom have NOT even begun transitioning nor taking female hormones) unfairly competing with females in sports

We realize of course that this is Putin but he, like the democrats, wants to poison, imprison, silence, send to gulags, torture, detain, and murder their political opponents.

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