Sarpy County GOP joins effort to censure Sen. Sasse for criticisms of Trump

Aaron Sanderford Omaha World-Herald Feb 5, 2021 Updated Feb 13, 2021

Sarpy County Republicans have joined in the effort to censure U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse for criticizing former President Donald Trump.

The Republican Party in Nebraska’s most populous GOP-leaning county voted 2-1 Thursday to join Republicans from Scotts Bluff and Hitchcock counties in expressing displeasure with Sasse over his critiques of Trump.

Papillion resident Robert Anthony attended the Sarpy meeting via Zoom and voted for censure. He said he’s tired of the disconnect between the beliefs of “liberty-loving” Republicans, and some who make it to Washington, D.C.

He and other Republicans said they were upset at Sasse for what they saw as Sasse’s opportunistic support for the Republican president during Sasse’s GOP primary, followed by the senator’s renewed criticisms of Trump after he defeated primary opponent Matt Innis, a staunch Trump supporter.

“Sasse says he’s just here to defend the Constitution, but Sarpy Republicans feel like people are trampling on the Constitution all the time,” Anthony said. 

Gov. Pete Ricketts, during his coronavirus briefing on Friday, said he has heard frustrations from a lot of Nebraska Republicans and urged them to reach out to Sasse and his office. But he defended Sasse’s voting record as one of the most conservative in the Senate.

Sarpy Republicans said they object to Sasse’s statements blaming Trump for riling up a crowd of supporters before they stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, while Congress was certifying President Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.

Trump and his legal team spent months contesting election results from key swing states in a failed attempt to keep those results from being certified.

Sasse criticized those efforts, noting that Trump’s legal team had tried and failed 60 times to persuade judges, even Trump appointees, that they had sufficient evidence to back their claims of widespread election fraud.

Sasse, in a video released Thursday, defended his statements about Trump as truthful.

“Personality cults aren’t conservative, conspiracy theories aren’t conservative, lying that an election has been stolen isn’t conservative, acting like politics is a religion isn’t conservative,” Sasse said.

The timing and tone of Sasse’s video statement upset Sarpy partisans who are worried about the party looking divided.

Sarpy’s censure proposal focused largely on what it described as Sasse’s “character attacks” on Trump, including the senator calling out some of Trump’s statements as lies and describing some of his actions as “wicked.”

The censure language also says that a majority of Republicans believe Trump would have won in key swing states if not for “tainted” results that were the product of “illegal and unconstitutional election law changes and organized Democrat Party fraud.”

Similar censure proposals have been sent to the Nebraska Republican Party by members of the party’s State Central Committee, which will discuss and vote on formally censuring Sasse when it meets Feb. 13 in Columbus.

Christian Mirch, chair of the Douglas County Republican Party, said Friday that it has not received a motion to censure Sasse.

“Instead, the DCRP is focused on moving forward as a unified party, with an eye toward our shared conservative values,” Mirch said.

World-Herald staff writer Connie White contributed to this report.

2 thoughts on “Sarpy County GOP joins effort to censure Sen. Sasse for criticisms of Trump

  1. Back during the Obama years there was a scandal where Pelosi was found to be receiving kickbacks from Visa in return for pushing a pro-corporate bill – at the same time as vehemently criticizing corporations in public. Not that Americans learned of it. The Australian reporter then decided to play the game of comparison by trying to paint Cruz with the same brush. Look, he gets political donations from Lockheed Martin and other defense companies, which he directly supports in the congress budget. The problem? Cruz believes in this and has been transparent about it all along. But reporters tend to be blind to details.

    Then Sanders came to prominence. His advantage over Pelosi? He believed in what he said, did and said what he believed. It helped that what he believed in was unifying (popular, evil, and often unethical) instead of divisive (something like truth tends to get ugly), but people also liked honesty for a change.

    Fast forward to present. Sasse has the audacity to not only take out his personal vendetta on Trump beyond the bounds of the constitution, but also to publicly accuse 100 million of his supporters as deluded. In a moment when the fight is fiercest, he turns on his own – and it’s discouraging. But maybe he just isn’t one of us. After all, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”.

    Now, wait a second, you might say. Doesn’t it say, “Judge not lest you be judged?” Granted. It also says “Stop judging by mere appearances and make right judgement,” and “Man looks at the outer appearances but the LORD at the heart”. So here we have a very clear instruction. Don’t judge appearances. Neither hastily judge. But when you must judge, do so based on what comes out of peoples’ mouths and hands – directly from them. We only judge ourselves and others through our words and actions. These are the window to the heart.

    I think on some level Sasse gets this. After all, it says “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn”. Why not go along with the crowd? But it also says “We played the flute and you did not dance; a dirge but you did not mourn.” So let us return to Cruz.

    Cruz was ‘caught’ this week not wasting time pretending to help. It was bad optics, for sure. But he did the right thing. He was taking care of his family, respecting the authority of others to handle their jurisdiction, exercising the freedom of movement and speech he boldly defends for others, and saving the local power company the burden of heating the Cruz family home so that maybe one other Texan’s house might have power. And no, jet fuel is entirely different from petrol, so he wasn’t wasting that either. Note that he didn’t even take a private jet.

    Now, there are some people who will say, I want a guy like Cruz in action but like Sasse in smooth speech. Here’s my response: don’t. Take Cruz, and ignore Sasse. Why? It says, “This people honor me with their speech, but are far from me in their hearts”. And also, “Though you do not know him, I know him. If I said I did not, I would be a liar like you.”

    Wake up, people. It is not because of people like Cruz that contempt falls on the household of faith. That is judging by appearances. It is because of people like Sasse that we are mired in delusions and the Name of God falls into disrepute. How do I know this? Avowed Christians Cruz and Sasse both suffered personal attacks from an unbeliever (Trump). One forgave in the 490 times sense. The other will not forgive and now it has warped his mind. This is not my own idea. This is public words and actions, which we are entitled – no – responsible – to judge and to judge correctly.


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