Covid19 political cartoons

There are so many of them they need a separate post from the rest …..

Incrementalism (i.e., slowly turning up the heat until the frog is boiled to death) by the Leftist Establishment (i.e., the democratic party, communists, socialists, all godless darwinists) is how they get normal, working, naive Americans to go along with their hair-brained schemes to destroy our freedoms, livelihoods, economy, schools, et al.
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne
Hyping the virus by democrats allowed them to steal a presidential election. They’re not about to stop the mask-querade anytime soon. 04/23/21
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Fauci and the other lying democrats are going to milk this for all its worth
As far as the demonRats are concerned there can never be a light at the end of the tunnel
President Trump did everything right in handling the Chinese Wu-Flu Virus – after he stopped listening to Drs Fauci (aka the dwarf) and Birx (aka the scarf queen). Of course Fauci said everything would be fine once we had a vaccine but that was because he never believed there would be a vaccine. Now that one is on the very near horizon he’s changed his tune again. We must never stop having the virus because it is so important to democrat control.
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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
Whereas Covid-19 is not deadly or even serious to 90% of the population, systemic liberalism is the MOST dangerous virus on earth!
W.H.O. is another nearly worthless, liberal money-sucking group. They bear equal responsibility for Covid-19 deaths with Red China.
The idiot (or just evil) governors of New York (Andrew Cuomo) and Pennsylvania (Tom Wolf) sent thousands of people to their deaths by ordering Covid19 positive patients into the nursing homes (of all places) when plenty of beds provided by President Trump were available.
Our entire healthcare system was predicted to be overwhelmed by deathly sick Covid19 patients. This of course never happened and was never going to happen – shutdown or no shutdown. Sweden never shutdown, closed its public schools nor got all verklempt about the virus. It did not destroy its economy and in fact prospered while we acted like scared, little, liberal girls.
And now in late May & early June of 2020 the democrats suddenly don’t care about everyone wearing a mask and their beloved social distancing since protesters and rioters have taken to the streets in every town and city across America, standing together, closely packed by the thousands. The damnable libs don’t even mention it.
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Old joke but still relevant (love the cartooning).

How depressing. Most of the world shutdown and causing way more destruction, deaths and misery than the virus itself.

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