Cancel Culture Political Cartoons

A picture is worth a thousand words………

democrats the world over
The question could also be about man-made global warming, the meaningless label of climate change, Covid-19 and Fraud Fauci, neoDarwinism, all of the new sexual politics, BLM, CRT, democrat election fraud or our lying MSM.
BLM has never even mentioned the horrendous, unconscionable daily murder of Blacks by Blacks in Chicago. A democrat run city for over 100 years. Nor do they think that the disproportionate aborting of black babies by Planned Parenthood is of any concern.
This is a remake of a political cartoon from Revolutionary war times. Benjamin Franklin’s political “JOIN, or DIE” cartoon, originally published in The Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754. A rare copy of a Philadelphia newspaper from 1774, emblazoned with the iconic “Unite or Die” snake, was discovered at a Goodwill center in New Jersey
It’s just as applicable today as then.
So funny but you have to think about it a little. The CHAZ/CHOP babies were finally kicked out of downtown Seattle when the Lib mayor had had enough (actually she didn’t care until they picketed her house).

The weak-kneed cowards that run Lego have removed police men, police dogs, etc.
The Cancel Culture is coming after you….
Censorship, book burning, voiding by omission, out-right lying – always the province of the Left
Defunding the police is the same in principle as multiculturalism, moral relativity, the 60s demand for free speech on campus, make love not war, no blood for oil, All Lives Matter is racist, etc. They all are used to overthrow the existing culture, morals, police, speech, just war, etc. – and replace them with the absolute, unyielding, enforced-by-violence codes of the Left.
Ditto comment above.

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