Osundairo brothers re-enact their Jussie Smollett attack hoax

My cmnt: These democrat-inspired race hoaxes have damaged many innocent people. There are too many to list here but one of the most damning was the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax. In order to defend themselves against these baseless charges and the feigned outrage of the democrat-media complex and the heinous attack by 80 idiot Duke professors many of these young men’s families were forced into financial ruin. You can read more at my blog here.

My cmnt: The Looney Tune Left rushed to heap praise on Smollett and rushed to judgment against his alleged attackers.

The Osundairo brothers were hired men for a con created to dupe America. They share what they were instructed to do the night of the staged attack on Jussie Smollett.

http://bit.ly/41VmTJ7 #FoxNation #JussieSmollett #AnatomyOfAHoax

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