Escaped Murderer Killed By Police, But Not Before He Killed A Family Of 5

By Bill Galluccio – June 3, 2022 – for

Photo: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

My cmnt: Here is another sad, sick story (repeated thousands of times) of what the evil democrats have foisted upon innocent Americans. First Leftist-democrats have worked tirelessly to remove the death penalty for heinous murderers; second they have worked tirelessly and illegally to allow and welcome and cause undocumented democrats to openly break our laws and cross our southern border and then scatter them all over the country to make it even harder for our immigration authorities to find and deport.

My cmnt: Every rape, robbery, assault and murder of an American citizen by an illegal alien is a rape, robbery, assault and murder that did NOT need to happen. Simply follow our current immigration laws, prosecute so-called sanctuary cities and states for criminally breaking our federal laws, close the southern border and these criminals would NOT be here to commit their heinous crimes. Tens of thousands of Americans are dead or victims of this horrendous, evil democrat policy who would otherwise be healthy, whole, living persons.

My cmnt: Watch the movie Bronson if you dare (warning: it is not something fun) and graphically see what the effects of life in prison without parole can do to a man, especially when it requires decades of solitary confinement to keep him from murdering other prisoners and guards. He begged the authorities to execute him but in their enlightened wisdom they declined to do so. Almost every act of “compassion” a democrat comes up with results in massive harm to everyone else.

convicted murderer who escaped custody three weeks ago died in a shootout with police in Texas. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office said they were asked to conduct a welfare check at a home near where Gonzalo Lopez escaped from a prison bus on May 12.

When officers searched the home on Thursday (June 2), they found the bodies of four children and one adult. Investigators said that Lopez broke into the house and killed the family before stealing clothes, firearms, and a 1999 white Chevrolet Silverado.

Later that night, deputies from the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office located the stolen truck and tried to detain him. Lopez fled and was stopped after officers deployed a spike strip, flattening all four tires.

Lopez pointed a rifle at the officers and fired several shots. The officers returned fire and fatally shot Lopez.

“We received additional information from the U.S. Marshals Service that he may be in the San Antonio area. So then we heightened our alert and, sure enough, we spotted him,” Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward said at a press conference. “This dangerous individual is off the street, and no officers were injured.”

Lopez was serving two life sentences following convictions of capital murder and attempted capital murder in 2006 and 2007.

Who was Gonzalo Lopez? Escaped Texas inmate dies in shootout after murdering family of five

Escaped convict Gonzalo Lopez murdered a family of five before dying in a shootout with Texas authorites (photo released via Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

By Aurko Maitra CONTRIBUTOR – Jun 03, 2022 – for

46-year-old Gonzalo Lopez, a career criminal who recently escaped a Texas prison, was killed in a shootout with police after allegedly murdering a family of five earlier in the day.

According to People, on May 12 Gonzalo Lopez escaped from a prison bus while he was being transported to a doctor’s appointment. He was the subject of an extensive manhunt, but evaded police until Thursday, when authorities found the bodies of 3 children and 2 adults in a family cabin along Texas route 7, West of Centerville.

Soon after the bodies of the family were discovered, authorities engaged with Gonzalo Lopez in a gunfight in Atascosa County, killing him. Lopez was a career criminal affiliated with the Mexican Mafia, a notorious Latino prison gang. Before his escape, he was serving life in prison for a murder in Hidalgo County, along the border of Texas and Mexico.

All there is to know about Gonzalo Lopez

Gonzalo Lopez was a repeat offender with a criminal history that stretched back for almost 3 decades. The suspect was formerly a member of the Mexican Mafia, a prison gang that dominates Latino criminal elements within the South Western prison system. He also had strong ties to criminal elements across South Texas.

According to Fox News, in 1996 the suspect received two 8-year sentences after being convicted of 2 counts of aggravated assault. In 2006, he received a life imprisonment for capital murder and aggravated kidnapping. This was followed by another conviction in 2007, this time for attempted capital murder.

Lopez also has a history of prison escapes. Robert Hurst, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC), spoke to KHOU station about Lopez’s criminal activities.

He said:

“(Gonzalo Lopez is) crafty. He’s done this before down in South Texas in Webb County- he hid out for almost 9 days.”

He continued:

“This is a very dangerous man. Back in 2005, he killed someone with a pick axe. In 2004, he shot at an officer.”

In a Facebook post, the TDCJ released the details of how Gonzalo Lopez made his last escape. Using a sharp device, Lopez broke through his hand and leg restraints and through the barrier separating prisoners from staff. Lopez and the driver both got off the bus, leading to a brief altercation.

After Lopez stabbed the driver, he evaded another officer and took control of the bus, crashing the vehicle as authorities fired at him. Still in his white prison clothes, he then exited the bus and escaped into the woods of Leon County.

The department stated that 16 other prisoners were present at the scene, but Gonzalo Lopez was the only one to escape. Hurst informed KHOU that authorities do not believe it to be an inside job.

The manhunt

Texas authorities offered a $15,000 reward for information related to Gonzalo Lopez. As the manhunt continued, this later rose to $50,000. Inspector General Chris Love of the TDJC made an announcement concerning the search.

According to People News, authorities arrived at the cabin soon after, discovering the bodies of the 5 family members. Their car, a 1999 White Chevrolet Silverado, was missing. Authorities concluded that an armed Lopez had fled the scene in the vehicle.

About 4 hours after the killings, Atascosa County authorities found Lopez along the highway. In an official statement, TDCJ spokesperson Jason Clark detailed the confrontation between Lopez and local officers.

He said:

“Law enforcement in Atascosa County located the stolen vehicle, disabled it with spike strips and gunfire ensued.”

Gonzalez was subsequently killed in the altercation. Clarke clarified that no officers were injured in the shootout.

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