We just hit a new high for number of elderly receiving MOWs

Please see my previous post here. Meals on Wheels is a barometer of inflation and the health of the economy, especially for the elderly recipients most of whom live on limited, fixed incomes.

So, the wife and I just got back from doing our MOWs route. Even with two of us working together the route took another 30-40 minutes to complete. Our hundred-year-old lady even called to make sure we were still coming to her house because we were running behind. And the retired volunteer guy who is always there helping us volunteers load the meal buckets into our cars was sent out on a route of his own because of the heavy demand for meals.

We always have a large apartment building for the elderly on our route. We had more than double the usual recipients just in this building alone. Just two years ago under the thriving Trump economy we at times had only one or two deliveries to this place. And now under Biden – wow, Katie bar the door!

As I noted in my previous post people avoid regular MOWs in good economic times because they can afford to eat something else that they actually like and prefer. MOWs aren’t terrible but they aren’t great either and sometimes they can be pretty awful. I usually take a couple meals home with me as I don’t mind cafeteria type food. My wife usually refuses to eat them. I will note here that this time was roast beef on smashers with gravy, a nice roll, milk, and some cooked beets. Both of us were amazed at how good it all was. Kudos to the cooks.

When the democrats mess up the economy by EVERYTHING that they do (i.e., causing gas prices to double, increasing regulations on the manufacture of anything, pushing their needless “green” agenda, etc.) it is the elderly and the poor who suffer the most.

I know that pushing their religion of sex and nature worship along with their sacrament of abortion is their numero uno priority and that it overrides all other concerns and issues but this constant disregard of women, as shown by allowing biological males to compete and steal the trophies and records that belong to the female competitors, and disregard for the poor and the elderly, as seen by Cuomo and other democrat governors sending Covid infected patients to the nursing homes in their states and causing sky high inflation – well, as I’ve said before – never, ever vote for a democrat.

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