Meals on Wheels numbers follow the economy

I have been a volunteer delivering MOWs with my own car and gas for over 40 years now. My wife and I did them together until our boys were born then I would deliver them by myself. When our oldest was around 3 I would take him with me and let him carry the milk cartoons up to the doors. The old ladies, most of the MOWs recipients are elderly single women, would just go gaga over our small son walking up to them and handing them their milk.

MOWs recipients don’t get out a lot. Unless their family comes to visit and take them somewhere most are shut-ins who do not drive or even get around very well on their own.

If a MOW client came to the door a little grumpy (understandable, as one wag has said, “Old age isn’t for sissies”) for any number of reasons (they hurt, they’re lonely, they don’t feel good, they’ve nothing to do, they can’t easily go anywhere, etc.) she (and even some of the men) would noticeably brighten, smile and coo to our child, “Well aren’t you just a little sweetie.”

When our other son turned 3 I would bring him along also with our older boy. Having two of them handing the old ladies their meals was just about more cuteness than they could bear. Often they would ask us to wait right there and then they would go and return with a cookie or small piece of candy for each of them.

As the years went by the older boy didn’t want to do MOWs anymore and so naturally the younger one didn’t either. I would switch them off every other time but then they would lie and argue about whose turn it was. By the time our oldest turned ten I just pretty much gave up making him go and after a couple more years of making the younger one go with me I gave up taking him also and simply started once again doing MOWs by myself while my wife watched them at home.

When they became old enough to stay home alone we started doing MOWs together again and have done that for many years.

Now both sons are married with children of their own. And guess what, they actually want me to take their kids on MOWs with me just as I used to take them.

So now for the past year of so I have been taking one or two of our grandchildren with me to help carry the meals up to the old ladies. And they still love to see the young children. We have one lady who is 100 years old. I know because I saw the banner hanging in her open garage one day. She is no taller than our 8 year old granddaughter. She is always, unlike most, fully dressed in a nice blouse and skirt with real heeled shoes on and a neckless and her hair nicely done. She looks forwards to seeing our granddaughter and always has a small Snickers candy bar for her.

For what it’s worth I have read that those people who get out of their bed clothes, clean up and get completely dressed as if going out to dinner or to an office job actually live longer and healthier than those who sit around all day in their jammies. Attitude makes all the difference.

Now here’s an interesting if unscientific fact. When President Trump came into office we noticed that our MOWs routes were shrinking. I asked the MOWs coordinator about this and asked her why we were delivering fewer and fewer meals. She said she had no idea. Just as interesting I have recently noticed that our routes are growing again and we are delivering more meals than just a year ago.

I have a theory why. First most of the people we deliver to tell me that they don’t really like the meals. It is about like school lunch food if you get my drift. Second the meals are subsidized by the government (i.e., the taxpayer) so the recipient only has to pay what he or she can afford. And so quoting their own statistics 80% can’t afford their meals, 82% see only a volunteer each day, 90% depend on the meal to live independently, etc.

Under the booming Trump economy and low inflation our MOWs recipients could suddenly afford to eat what they like and so chose not to eat the MOWs meals as they don’t really care for them. Now after a year of Biden destroying the Trump economy and causing runaway inflation they are forced once again to rely on MOWs for their daily bread and as it is free or greatly reduced in price that is their only option.

So here is just another example of what the democrats and their destruction of American energy independence in the name of global warming and subsequent inflation and rising cost of living is doing to our elderly American citizens. When will the so-called independents learn: never, ever vote for a democrat?

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