Future of Lincoln’s unFairness Ordinance uncertain

Lancaster County Democrats ask for it to be rescinded.

By Samantha Bernt – for KOLN/KGIN news

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 10:42 PM CDT

My cmnt: Everything you need to know about this LGBTQwerty favoritism ordinance and its disproportionate and strongly negative effects on the rest of us can be read here.

My cmnt: The mayor and the city council – democrats and Leftists all – are only reconsidering their actions to save face. If this is put to a vote and it goes down by 70 or 80% against it, that is the kind of rejection that will be very hard to argue against when they will inevitably want to try it again in the not too distant future. If they voluntarily rescind it then they can spin that five ways to Sunday without allowing the real reasons it was rejected to be publicly known and certified by a vote.

My cmnt: And as a double slap down to the democrats they know that this issue will cause a much larger Republican turnout than normal and that could have devastating effects on the rest of the democrats on the down ballot. The unintended consequences could be huge.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The Fairness Ordinance that was brought forward by Lincoln city councilwoman Sandra Washington is once again in uncertain territory.

“What we’re saying is you should not be fired because of who you are or who you love,” said Washington, who brought the ordinance forward earlier this year.

The ordinance passed the Lincoln City Council 5-0 in February.

It would’ve revised Lincoln’s city code; adding anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation, gender identity, and military or veteran status. In early March, a petition by the Nebraska Family Alliance surpassed 18,000 signatures. That’s four times as many as needed to pause the ordinance from being enacted.

“We weren’t surprised,” said Hannah Wroblewski, chair of Lancaster County Democrats. “That’s a pretty large group with a lot of power here in Nebraska.”

The vote means the city council has to rescind the ordinance or put it up to a vote. That’s a decision that hasn’t been decided, yet.

“I am giving this grave consideration I’m not really ready to say what’s going to happen,” said Washington.

Last week, Lancaster County Democrats voted to pass a resolution to urge the city council to rescind the ordinance instead of put it to a public vote. The group supports the idea of the ordinance, but is scared a vote right now might backfire.

“I think if it were to go to a ballot right now and fail, I think that would be more detrimental to our trans family than just waiting until we’re ready for the fight,” Wroblewski said.

For Lancaster County Democrats, this isn’t an end to the Fairness Ordinance, it’s just a pause.

“I think when we can get as many voters as possible to the ballot to vote on this, then I think it will pass,” Wroblewski said. “Then we can show our trans community that we do care about them here in Lincoln.”

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