Years-Long, Multimillion-Dollar Nomination Process Narrows Field Down To Four Worst People On Planet

March 3rd, 2020 –

Clockwise, top left – J. Robinette O’Biden Jr. (I will always remember when Algore Jr. ran against George W. Bush (NOT a junior) yet the Lib media loved to call GW “Junior” while never calling the actual junior Algore – junior – the Left never stops lying, gaslighting, deceiving) – top right – Dizy Lizy Fauxcahontas Warren (famous for being the whitest person running for the democrat nomination while also claiming to be an American Indian) – bottom left – former N.Y. mayor and still billionaire Michael Doomsberg tried to buy the nomination – bottom right – last but certainly not least, the former hippie and still communist Bernie Sandals, best known for being cheated out of the nomination by his fellow travelers, not once but twice! First by Hillary in 2016 and then again by Biden in 2020. The democrat base simply loves Bernie but the upper echelon who run the party will NOT let democracy win and instead always chooses someone else.

My cmnt: The descriptions above are mine so don’t blame The Babylon Bee. I include this slightly behind the times article below because it is so true and the country is still afflicted with these people, especially Joe. When asked by a reporter from Fox News at a White House presser if Joe was suffering from senile dementia Jen Pissaki replied, ‘No, he’s enjoying every minute of it.’

U.S.—Political parties are passionate about making sure they nominate just the right candidate to lead our country. That’s why the nomination process takes so long and costs so much money.

Well, it’s all finally paying off. After three years of grueling campaigning and hundreds of millions of dollars spent in the Democratic primaries, the DNC has narrowed the field down to the four worst people on the planet.

“It’s important to send America our best,” said DNC chair Tom Perez. “So, we’re proud to present the nation with the finest candidates we could come up with: a confused old man, a lying old woman, an old white billionaire who’s somehow worse than Trump, and last but not least, a communist.”

“Choose wisely,” he added. “There’s a lot to hate about all of them, so consider all their many, many downsides before you cast your vote.”

Political commentators have praised the DNC’s intensive process for doing such a good job of somehow picking the very worst people every time.

“It’s really quite remarkable,” said one pundit. “You’d think with so much at stake, they could drum up someone with at least one redeeming quality, but nope. Just the absolute worst people, every four years.”

“Really, they could pick a random U.S. citizen and you could almost guarantee they’d be way, way better.”

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