The Branch Covidians believe the end of the world is near

Led by their charismatic messiah, Anthony Fauci, they have been holing up in WacoTon, D.C., for two years now

Dr. Fraud Fauci has yet to name any of his spiritual wives but he has advised his many followers that it is OK to have sexual hook-ups with total strangers as long as they do not leave their homes to go to work.

Fraud Fauci has also issued his list of ten commandments that his followers must keep if they wish to enter into the Promised Land of Zero Covid.

We obtained a list of these commandments all Covidians are expected to follow from a former disciple of Fauci who managed to escape by wearing a mask and pretending to be one of his spiritual wives.

Fauci’s Ten Commandments

Thou shall not work.

Thou shall shelter in place forever.

Thou shall take government handouts and demand more.

Thou shall always wear a mask unless having sex with strangers from an online hookup.

Thou shall wear two masks when attending services at the local casino or bar.

Thou shall not judge thy leaders in the democrat party when they are entertaining other democrats without wearing their masks.

Thou shall get the jab as often as your messiah, Anthony Fauci, tells you to. The truly devoted have been poked three times and eagerly await the fourth.

Thou shall not mention those who have died from Covid even after they have received the sacred jab three times.

Thou shall not question any pronouncement from Fraud Fauci and the CDC no matter how stupid, worthless, contradictory or dangerous it might be. Without faith it is impossible to please them.

Thou shall forego all medical procedures and treatments and hospitalizations unless entering the hospital or medical facility to die from Covid or to have an abortion.

What is the greatest commandment?

During a White House press briefing Fauci’s many disciples gathered around him to bask in the light of his glory and to hear his latest pronouncements.

After several hours pontificating on sports and telling the unbelievers that they are all going to die if they attend a football game a reporter came up to him, bowed his face to the ground, and asked Fauci which is the greatest commandment.

Looking as smug and pious as he was able to pull off, he raised his hand and said:

The first and greatest commandment is this: Thou shall love the Lord thy Government, when run by democrats, with all thy heart, might, mind and strength. And the second is like unto it: Thou shall love thy Teachers’ Union as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the elections both now and forever.

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