Biden and the democrats seek to return us to the carter years

I so remember the Carter years. His democrat policies nearly ruined the nation. I was laid off from my full-time job. I was jobless for the first time since I mowed lawns in the 5th grade. This was the era of insane democrat forced school busing. I became a part-time school bus driver. I would pick up white kids in west Omaha and bus them to east Omaha where I would pick up black kids and bus them back to west Omaha – twice a day, an idiotic make-work program like shoveling a hole in the ground in the morning and then filling it back up in the afternoon. It was judicial overreach and caused no good and immense harm. I had another job doing seasonal lawn work. We had the worst economy since the Great Depression which only became great after FDR took over.

I remember the triune affliction of double-digit unemployment, interest rates and inflation with full-time jobs being nearly impossible to find. Just like President Trump turned around the failing, pitiful Obama economy so President Reagan turned around the disastrous Carter economy. And now we have Carter-BO 2 under the failed (nonexistent?) leadership of Joe Biden.

Too many Americans have jobs funded by taxpayer dollars. These governmental or quasi-governmental jobs (either directly employed by Federal, State or Local governments or directly funded by the taxpayer such as public school teachers, cops, firemen, road workers, the military, etc.) make up a huge part of our national employment. These people are virtually never laid off, get COLA, unsustainable pensions, healthcare, vacations and holidays many employed in the private sector can only dream of.

Obviously we need certain jobs performed by the public sector, police and soldiers for example. But so many govermental jobs are simply make-work and the bloated bureaucracies are recession and layoff proof even during the Covid-19 lockdowns all government employees were still paid and none lost their jobs.

The democrat dream is to have all money collected by the bureaucracy and then funneled back to the workers as jobs and pay are allocated by other bureaucrats as they see fit. These planned economies never work. They subsist on votes from tax-supported workers (or nonworking tax-supported recipients) to continue as the private sector is slowing consumed like a formerly immense star being sucked into the oblivion of a black hole.

Democrat policy makers still believe, despite countless failures, that they can spend their way to prosperity. Many foolish people have tried this also. It never works. It so obviously cannot ever work. Spending money you have, that you worked for, is the normal ebb and flow of everyday life. Spending money you don’t have is called borrowing. It always involves some level of risk. Investing money into a house to live in is one thing, investing money into the stock market is another, but investing borrowed money into a poker game or to buy lottery tickets is the way to end up with cement overshoes at the bottom of the river.

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