At just 36% support, Biden slips to a record low in a new poll

More than two-thirds say inflation causing them to change spending habits: poll

Paul Steinhauser

By Paul Steinhauser| Fox NewsNov 18, 2021

President Biden‘s poll numbers keep heading in the wrong direction.

The president’s approval rating stands at 36%, with disapproval at 53% in a new Quinnipiac University national poll. That’s the president’s lowest level of public support in Quinnipiac polling since taking over in the White House in January.

Biden’s approval edged down a point and his disapproval trickled up a point from Quinnipiac’s October survey.

As expected, there’s a huge partisan divide, with Democrats by a 87%-7% margin giving the president a thumbs-up and Republicans disapproving by a 94%-4% margin. Only 29% of independent voters approve of how Biden’s handling his duties steering the country, with 56% disapproving.

My cmnt: By now, Nov 27, O’Biden’s approval rating has to be even lower. I would grouse about the idiot dems giving him such lopsided support but really, he is doing exactly what most demonRats want him to be doing. That is lying about everything important (or not); leaving Afghanistan in a mess and our service men’s families and other Americans still trapped there and completely turning our backs on our brave, Afghan allies; mishandling Covid-19 with more Americans dying under his brief watch than under Trump’s; ruining the American economy; creating more government dependence; running up the national debt; causing rising, out-of-control inflation; allowing a flood of undocumented democrats (2 million) to cross our southern border carrying Covid-19, measles, drugs, crime and joining the welfare rolls; oppressing working Americans who don’t want to get the jab, killing our energy independence; and last but not least – sucking up to our enemies in China and Iran.

Readers’ comments:

Shazier: Here is the most significant difference between the comparison of Trump vs. Biden disapproval rating. The significant difference is that Trump’s disapproval rating was from some upsetting tweets and the 24/7 relentless hatred by the media and the, lying social media hype of Russia and COVID. Biden’s disapproval rating reflects the mishandling of Afghanistan’s withdrawal, lawlessness, and economy, but it is not hyped-up as an issue from the media and social media like Trump’s. If the media was equally negative in their coverage towards Biden as to Trump, I believe Biden’s disapproval rating would be as low as 29 % and Harris in the 19%. Just my opinion.

Iwokeup: The media was raging and cursing up a storm, vowing to resist and obstruct Trump before the votes were even finished being counted in 2016. They tore into him 24/7 for more than 4 years right up until the present day. Brandon on the other hand has been given every opportunity by a fawning press from his hide in the basement campaign right through every disaster and catastrophe he’s caused. Do you think the polls with this built in self-admitted bias are somehow honest and accurate in this regard? Add 5-10% for Trump. Subtract 5-10% for Brandon and for Harris…at least, if you want a clearer picture.

GirlGoesCrazy: I don’t recall tweets causing high gas prices…maybe it is Biden’s policies that have caused the inflation we have now. Shocker. The cost of inflated gas prices will affect all of those who rely on their cars to get to work – higher prices are no doubt around the corner for public fares also. And companies pass on those “increased costs of doing business” to consumers who are already paying more. But hey…no tweets.

katz80619: Wait until you see your taxes, local, state and Federal! Someone has to pay for this spending, it will again be the middle class. Remember when people say, let the government pay……the tax payer is the government! You are paying the bill.

robman: It’s Biden’s trickle down dumbanomics.

YRUSoPC: Dems always say ‘Watch out for Republicans, they will cut Social Security” as a scare tactic. However, the most damaging thing to Seniors right now is inflation. Their money won’t go as far anymore. Yes, there will be a COLA increase in 2022, but this will not nearly account for the cost increases coming in 2022 and beyond.

mikon721: The COLA for SSA is already cancelled by the planned simultaneous increase in Medicare costs. Seniors will NOT have more discretionary buying power. Instead, inflation is an added tax on what they have at their disposal.

outspoken617: Yes. And name a time that Republicans cut Social Security. Democrats just lie. If they didn’t they would never get elected. And when I say Democrats I include NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, WA Post, LA Times, etc.

Rightside101: The Only silver lining is that Republicans today already hold more state legislature seats nationwide and more governorships than at any time in the Party’s history and next year will expand that number to a new historic high and regain control of Congress.

randyoliver549: Who are these 36%? The poll needs to clarify that 36% of those polled were either residents in mental health facilities or deceased!

PCox1: They were those on the south side of the border.

Politiciansr4power: I didn’t think there were that many people in the country still suffering from TDS except those in the liberal media, and heck even some of the liberal mass media are FINALLY starting to question Biden.

vaninwisc588: For as long as I can remember, 40% was thought to be the absolute lowest approval rating any politician of either party could ever have. Once again, Brandon has proven everybody wrong but not in the way that he would have ever wanted. Let’s go Brandon.

SueMac0319784: Just like the Limbo………. “How looowwww can you go

podtrek422: With similar approval rating, Trump had to battle constant attacks by the democrats and the media, despite the country doing well, while Biden is fawned over by the media while the country collapses.

SurvivingPNW: Well said.

1911¤trp: Trump was always 20 points below what any other president would be. We had no terrorist attacks. No NoKo incidents. China was behaving. ISIS was gone. Gas was $2 a gallon. Life was AWESOME. And still Trump was at 42% approval. Biden is at 42% when every aspect of American life is deteriorating. No bias.

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