We Have No President

Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa | Posted: Aug 20, 2021 7:00 PM – for Townhall.com

We Have No President
This senile old fart with dementia pretends he is president. Worse, so do most democrats.

My cmnt: We knew there was no way that the worse presidential team in history was going to get elected over the vastly popular and successful and hard working President Trump. Only by cheating with millions of illegal mass-mailed ballots, illegally counted after the election and after Republican poll watchers had been sent home – could this stupid man and his even stupider woman possibly get elected.

My cmnt: As the great B.O. said, ‘Elections have consequences.’ Well you O’Biden voters are you happy now? Apparently a puppet president will only dance on his strings so long. Once he starts actually acting like he’s really the president all Hell breaks loose and the nation gets sold down the river by democrats once again.

Diplomacy was back. Leadership was back. The adults were back in the White House. That’s what we were sold. That’s what we were told. Liberal reporters basked in the afterglow. The political class breathed a sigh of relief. And the honeymoon commenced. Everything Joe did had an aura of being “historic.” The man got ice cream and this media establishment would go bananas. And then, reality hit. They forgot about our longest war in Afghanistan which was unraveling. And Joe’s inability to get a handle on the crisis shows that the White House has truly become the Home of the Merciful Rest. We have no leader.

Joe Biden still has not owned this crisis. He has yet to say, ‘I screwed up.’ He keeps saying the buck stops with me. Sure, that is until the images of desperate Afghans trying to get inside the airport at Kabul are blasted on the television sets. Then, it rapidly becomes ‘it’s Trump’s fault’ which is a talking point that his people tried to peddle but didn’t stick. It’s simply too pathetic to even repeat. What’s more disturbing is how this administration thought it was fine to simply ignore the collapse of Afghanistan. Maybe the liberal media wouldn’t cover it. It explains why Joe thought he could remain on vacation at Camp David. It’s why Jen Psaki tried to take the week off. It was only after EVERYONE slammed them that they poured their pina coladas out and returned to work. Yes, some serious adulting here—true profiles in leadership here.

My cmnt: Karzai knews he had eight years of democrats in the White House guaranteed because Americans had just voted in its first half-black president. So why not take a page from the democrat playbook and run a dishonest election (2020 anyone?) because he knew democrats don’t care about that and would do nothing about it.

The chaos in Kabul was simply too great to ignore. This is our longest war. We have operational infrastructure here—and it all went to crap rapidly. The thing is we knew this was going to happen. Did anyone really think the Afghan government whose credibility arguably died in 2009 when Hamid Karzai stuffed ballot boxes and committed widespread voter fraud, would last? The Taliban were going to make massive gains. We knew this. Days after Biden’s July 8 remarks where he said the Afghan government would remain and that this wouldn’t be like Saigon 1975, the State Department sent a memo painting a much different picture. It was obviously ignored.

Joe was so obsessed with leaving on August 31 that he didn’t have a plan to get 15,000 American citizens out of the country before then. It’s obvious. We’re scrambling. And we’re not doing anything to expand our perimeter or venture out to get our citizens out of harm’s way. We’re trusting the Taliban to behave. We’re trusting terrorists to behave. The adults are back in the White House, they said.

Throughout the summer, this White House knew things were going to disintegrate in Afghanistan. Maybe they should have drafted a plan to get our citizens out, destroy weapons caches and other technology we couldn’t bring back, and if more troops were necessary, deploy them. We did the latter rapidly when images of chaos were seen at the airport in Kabul and Afghans were falling from planes. We did that. Biden didn’t want to send any more troops because he didn’t want to add more gravestones of America’s finest. Sure—but what are we doing now, Joe? He still thinks we can get all our people out by August 31. That’s not going to happen. He’s been wrong about everything, especially on Afghanistan. And no doubt we’re leaving ourselves open to a potential hostage situation by refusing to let our forces go out and get our people. The Taliban are not afraid to die. They’re not afraid to fight. And they’ve defeated us. They’ve defeated the Russians. They defeated the British.  Even if we bombed them back into the stone age which we did in 2001-02 after we invaded, they simply rebuilt and now have retaken the country. They can handle long war mentality. We can’t. They know this. Don’t hold onto the ‘it’s in their interests not to attack’ so firmly. They’ll lose patience. And what will Joe do then?

Around 600,000 U.S.-taxpayer paid for weapons have been seized by the Taliban. Some will undoubtedly be sold on the black market. There are over 5,000 newly released terrorists we held in Bagram Air Force base that are now free, and seeking vengeance. Russia and China see a depleted, divided, and leaderless America floundering our withdrawal. They’re going to try to pull some stuff abroad. China will get more aggressive on Taiwan. Russia might have another go at Ukraine. Why not? Biden has shown he’s easily overwhelmed. Ex-CIA operative Bryan Dean Wright noted why our disastrous exit could bring about a most dangerous and unpredictable period  Our allies seem dumbfounded by Biden’s inability to execute on anything. Until last weekend, they thought this clown was a foreign policy expert. On every issue, inflation, COVID, Afghanistan, jobs—Biden is failing. He’s failing because he cannot do the job. He cannot handle it. As the liberal media no longer offers protection over Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, you see that we truly do not have a president.

Joe has got to go, but a President Kamala Harris would be so many times worse. Now, I hope you can understand why so many of us laugh when liberals say that 81 million people voted for this guy. For the legal Biden voters, I hope you’re happy. You own this. Don’t look at us. We voted for an actual president last year.

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