Photos From An Awesome Evening At The White House

By Sarah Palin April 20, 2017 – her website

Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead

My cmnt: I’m showing these photos here because: 1) they’re great 2) my readers probably have not seen them before 3) I want everyone to see them 4) who knows? the Libs may cancel them (that is her website) at any time – and 5) if they were from Obama and some of his jackass Leftist friends they would be hanging in the Smithsonian by now.

My cmnt: And, of course, because the very thought, let alone sight, of Trump and Palin together in the White House drives the Left absolutely out of whatever minds they have left. That alone makes them priceless!

President Trump’s invitation for dinner included bringing a couple of friends; it was the highest honor to have great Americans who are independent, hardworking, patriotic, and unafraid share commonsense solutions at the White House. (Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent I joked, “Because Jesus was booked.”)

The company was wonderful and dinner was beyond superb, with Baked Alaska for dessert. Thanks to the outstanding White House staff, chefs, Secret Service, and of course the President for making it such a special evening.

Official White House Photos By Shealah Craighead
Great seeing our friend Shealah Craighead, who’s been on our team the past 8 years. She’s now the head White House photographer. Glad to see she’s still rocking the patriotic kicks our family got her for Christmas!
Hillary was never that slim, never that pretty – it’s like the portrait is of the double she used when she was too decrepit and sick to appear on the campaign trail in 2016. And of course the great thing is that Sarah is in the White House and Hillary is NOT!
So Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, And Sarah Palin walk into a bar…
The other side of the lens”—Shealah hard at work in the Rose Garden.
Thanks to Sean for the great tour of the briefing room
Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead
Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead
Some of our team posing with their old boss George W!
Willow and Bob!
An amazing tour led by President Trump!

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