Gallup: Strong Majority of Democrats Want ‘Proof of Vaccination,’ GOP 28% and Less

By Michael W. Chapman | May 14, 2021 | 2:49pm EDT – for CNSnews

My cmnt: To understand this difference in understanding of the Covid-19 risk you need look no further than the differing worldviews between strong Republicans and most democrats. Republicans see that we the people have been lied to by ‘the science’ of man-made global warming, the food pyramid pushed upon every young public school student, the consumption of eggs and salt, Darwinism and macro-evolution, the AIDS crisis among homosexuals and IV drug users, the horrors of communism, the anti-Vietnam war movement, Obama’s college transcripts, grades, attendance and his real birth certificate. Simple observation, the scientific data and common sense tell us that we have been grossly lied to about the general risk of Covid-19 to most people and almost zero risk to children.

My cmnt: The incredible (meant literally) wild and utterly baseless attacks by democrats upon Clarence Thomas and Bret Kavanaugh during their confirmation hearings are seared into the memories of those of us who watched them. The ridiculous persecution of duly elected President Trump by the House democrats resulting in the complete politicization of impeachment was a travesty beyond the pale. Every time a democrat opened his or her mouth during these events he or she was lying.

My cmnt: Those who make their livings off the taxpayer largess (i.e., most federal employees and all welfare recipients, public school teachers in large, democrat-run cities, etc.) naturally trust the government to supply their daily bread and hence trust the government to take care of all that matters. Those who make their livings the old fashion way (by the sweat of their brows) trust God to supply their daily bread and His word to guide them unto all truth and eternal life.

My cmnt: Hence Bible believing Christians, who find a home politically in the Republican party, have strong, well-grounded suspicions of government oversight of anything. We assume we are being lied to until proven otherwise.

(CNS News) — A new survey shows that very strong majorities of Democrats support businesses requiring people to show “proof of vaccination” against COVID when it comes to airplane travel, office work, staying at a hotel, or dining at a restaurant. 

However, the same survey shows that only 28% or less of Republicans support “proof of vaccination,” or a vaccine passport, for engaging in those same activities. 

(Screenshot, Gallup) (Screenshot, Gallup)

For instance, Gallup asked, do you “favor businesses requiring people to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to do each over the next several months”?

For travel by airplane, 85% of Democrats said they favor providing proof of vaccination, but only 28% of Republicans said the same. For Independents, 47%. 

Go to events with large crowds?  82% of Democrats said they favor proof of vaccination in such instances; Republicans, 25%; and Independents, 47%.

Proof of vaccination for work?  69% of Democrats said yes and 16% of Republicans said yes. Only 38% of Independents said yes.

Dine in at  a restaurant?  62% of Democrats favor “proof of vaccination” in this case; Republicans, only 19%; Independents, 30%. 

“Although a majority of U.S. adults have been at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, one-quarter remain steadfast in their unwillingness to be immunized,” said Gallup

“With vaccine supply now outpacing demand in much of the U.S., majorities of the public think those who want to fly on an airplane or attend an event with large crowds should first be required to show proof of vaccination,” reported the polling firm. “But the majority are opposed to the same requirement for venues with smaller crowds of people, such as workplaces, restaurants and hotels.”

Gallup concluded, “Although the Biden administration says it does not plan to put a vaccine passport program in place in the U.S., individual states, private companies and non-profit organizations are free to devise their own guidelines for requiring vaccines.”

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