If we don’t free ourselves from virus spreader facemasks NOW, we never will

The exchange between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Facui made it clear that at this point, virus spreaders are just theater meant to maintain pandemic fear, it’s time we were rid of them.

Watch video here.

by D Parker March 23, 2021 – for NOQ Report

We observed months ago that facemasks were always going to be the last vestige of COVID control. Simply because the other portions aren’t as easily enforced. Health officials can’t be running around with tape measures to check social distancing or checking if people are washing their hands. But they can easily check to see if someone is wearing a virus spreader.

Of course, at the beginning of ’15 days to slow the spread’a year ago – they told us not to wear them for some very good reasons. Couple the fact that wearing one all the time means constant adjustment and the spreading of viruseshence the name. Along with the fact that most people are untrained in their use means they can have the opposite effect. They also make it difficult to breathe so you have to touch the mask to pull it down, negating their whole purpose in the first place.

Getting rid of virus spreaders.

We should have known something was up months ago when someone suggested a special coloured mask for those who had been vaccinated. This is wrong on many levels starting with the fact that they still wanted people to wear them even after they are immune from the disease.

This ‘mindset’ has continued through with the Dr. Faui Video. He didn’t have any rationale for attacking our natural and civil rights in forcing us to wear virus spreaders, aside from the new variants threats. Problem is, there will always be new variants.

The backward mindset was even worse, given that the virus spreader Nazis should have to prove they are needed instead of the other way around. But they start with arbitrary dictates being law of the land and go from there, at least in their minds.

Why three-foot social distancing?

We noted with some bemusement that some authorities have abruptly decided that 3 feet is sufficient ‘social distancing’ now. Why did that suddenly come into vogue?

It’s easy to realise if you take into consideration that they don’t want to look like they’ve lost control of the situation. Back in normal times, this is about the normal distance people stay apart from each other.

In other words, we’re getting back to normal. But the powers that be can’t let it go so they are trying to make it look like they are still dictating our actions. We would have done this anyway, but now they can crow about it as though they had anything to do with it.

If they let vaccinated people go unmasked, the whole pandemic fear regime falls apart.

Obviously, if the vaccinated and immune go free, others will take the cue to rid themselves of their muzzles. This is why the virus spreader Nazis want to keep the vaccinated and immune muted. Unless they can force people to differentiate themselves, most people will take a cue and be rid of them.

Once that happens, the fear regime falls apart and we will get back to normal. They won’t have much to hold over our heads, and without people walking around without constant fear reminders on their faces, our society will become a lot more pleasant.

In a way, the distancing debacle gives us insight into how to get rid of masks.

They had to ‘let’ people ‘distance’ at 3 feet simply because it was going to happen anyway. Societies around the world have varying measures of personal space. It can depend on time and place but can vary between 2- 3 feet. In other words, the authorities in this situation are tacitly admitting that they have lost control of the situation but are desperately trying to save face.

However, they would love to keep control by forcing people to wear virus spreaders until the end of time because reasons. They will always have some new excuse, either flu season or COVID variants.

Nevertheless, right now more people are being vaccinated while the weather is getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere. This means fewer case numbers unless the Biden regime manages to import enough new cases from the third world.

The Bottom Line – Drop your virus spreader.

Thus, everyone should be taking every opportunity to ditch their virus spreader. This means making choices in shops and restaurants that aren’t as draconian on the practice. This means letting people know that you are making those choices based on that criteria.

As more people drop their virus spreaders, it will have a magnifying effect. Of course, the misinformation media will play up any and all increases while ignoring the drop-offs. But if everyone is getting vaccinated, why does it matter?

After a while, the majority will be virus spreader-free.  Sure, the while the virtue signalers will still parade around. But eventually, even they will realize that it’s pointless to try and maintain the fear regime.  Soon enough virus spreaders will be a thing of the past.

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