Transgender woman (i.e., a man) MMA fighter hurts female (i.e., a woman) fighter in ring

Eric Jay with Street News – Transgender Fallon Fox nearly destroys naturally female fighter

A statement by Joe Rogan after the fight
Joe Rogan continues….

Boys presenting as girls allowed on girls high school track team before transitioning

These two boys were allowed by democrat overlords to compete against girls in high school track and came in first and second place.

These two boys had NOT even begun to transition nor started taking female hormones but were simply allowed to destroy the hopes and dreams of the girls they ran against.

Lindsay Saunders-Velez, Transgender Prisoner: Two Rapes and Still Not Safe

MICHAEL ROBERTS MAY 11, 2018 6:34AM for

My cmnt: This person has had a typically hard life in the ghettos created by the democrats. It is tragic really for each soul trapped in these democrat-run, violent, welfare states in the inner cities run for decades by soulless democrat politicians. But the real issue here is that when a man wants to present as a woman but doesn’t transition all the way (have his genitals removed and surgically replaced with an artificial vagina) and is placed in a women’s facility he/she often proceeds to rape the real women confined in the facility.

My cmnt: If a man wants to present as a woman and completely transitions to a woman (i.e., hormones and surgery) then he can now use the female pronoun and be called by his new female name and should be treated by the state as a woman except for being allowed to compete against biological women/girls in physical sports where he/she retains unfair advantages as described above. However a man or boy who simply claims to be a girl or a woman but still retains his physical manhood then he cannot claim the rights and privileges of being female (i.e., showering with girls, competing with girls, living in a female facility, etc.).

Lindsay, a transgender woman (i.e., born male)

Here’s Greisen’s overview of Saunders-Velez’s story and present plight.

“Lindsay had been a kid who was neglected and abused by her parents, and she was sexually assaulted as a child,” Greisen says. “She actually announced her gender identity when she was six or eight years of age, so essentially her whole life, she’s lived as a female. And she’s very ambitious, very smart. She wanted to go to law school, she wanted to be a district attorney. She wanted to live the dream we all hope for our children. But her parents rejected her because of her gender identity.”

As a result of what Greisen refers to as “her history of abuse and violence,” Saunders-Velez “moved in and out of foster care and eventually wound up in the youth correctional facility.  She filed her own pro se lawsuit to be placed in a female facility, and the State of Colorado agreed to put her in one — and she started hormone replacement therapy at the age of sixteen. As I said, she’s always presented as a female.”

But Saunders-Velez remained a troubled soul.

“When somebody tries to restrain her, she’ll punch and kick to try to get away, which is a normal reaction for children who’ve been abused — and I believe she was upset at one point while talking to a therapist and threw a chair. For that, she was charged and convicted of felony menacing and she was put on probation at the female facility — and when she engaged in some self-harming behavior, they violated her probation and sent her to a men’s prison” over Saunders-Velez’s objections, Greisen says

Ashley Evans Smith defeats notorious transgender woman MMA fighter Fallon Fox

Ashley Evans took quite a beating before she subdued and pounded transgender man Fallon Fox

In an interview after the fight she won Ashley still believes it is unfair for transwomen to fight or compete against biological women. She states there should be a separate trans category where trans-men and women can compete against each other. This, of course, will never happen. The purpose of the Left supporting this nonsense is NOT to give trans-women equal rights with biological women but rather to further the destruction of common sense so that the Left can take over and rule the world which can only happen when people have been conditioned to accept lies, deceits and lunacy as normal.

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