Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter
Jake Gardner’s gofundme page taken down twice so he could not defend himself

September 23, 2020 by Ann Coulter

During a BLM “peaceful protest” in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 30 (over George Floyd’s dying of a heart attack while in police custody in Minneapolis), James Scurlock was peacefully protesting by breaking into an architecture firm — hoisting an office chair and hurling it into two computer monitors, then ripping a phone from a desk and throwing it against the wall, as his friend shattered another monitor — all of which was captured on video.

Nearby, Jake Gardner, an Iraq War veteran and Trump supporter, was keeping watch over the two bars he owned, The Hive and The Gatsby, aided by his 68-year-old father and a security guard. The peaceful protesters soon made their way to Jake’s bar, where they hurled a street sign through The Hive’s plate-glass window. He and his father rushed outside to prevent the peaceful protesters from storming his bar.

Scurlock’s friend, catching his wind after smashing computer monitors, knocked Gardner’s father to the ground. (It’s on tape.) Or as CNN’s Madeline Holcombe put it: “An unidentified man can be seen pushing Gardner’s father.”Gardner rushed to help his father, then backed away toward the bar, lifting his shirt to show the protesters he was armed, and telling them to move along. Again, it’s all on tape. Murmurings can be heard from the crowd: “That (expletive) got a gun” and “It’s not worth it (expletive) you stu–,”

At that point, peaceful protester Alayna Melendez leapt on Gardner from behind (not subscribers to the Marquess of Queensberry rules, these peaceful protesters), knocking him down and into the street, whereupon yet another peaceful protester jumped on top of Gardner, who fired two warning shots in the air, scattering his first two assailants. Again: all on tape.

Three seconds later, as Gardner was trying to get up, Scurlock jumped on him from behind and put him in a chokehold — which I believe is considered definitive proof of intentional murder when performed by a police officer. In videos, Gardner can be heard yelling, “Get off me! Get off me!”

With his right arm pinned, and Scurlock choking him, Gardner moved the gun to his left hand and shot over his shoulder, hitting Scurlock in the collarbone, killing him.

Or as The New York Times’ Azi Paybarah explained it: “Mr. Gardner got into a fight with one man, James Scurlock, 22. The two scuffled before Mr. Gardner fired a shot that killed him.” They “scuffled.” It brings to mind the Times headline from Nov. 23, 1963: “President Kennedy Dies in Dallas After Scuffle — Albeit at Great Distance — With Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Let’s be fair, though. Maybe Scurlock jumped Gardner, or maybe Gardner jumped Scurlock. Who knows? It’s not like there are 4 million videos of the incident.

Gardner was immediately taken into police custody for questioning and held until 11 p.m. the next night.

The Democratic district attorney, Don Kleine, his chief deputy Brenda Beadle, and all the homicide detectives spent 12 hours that weekend reconstructing the incident with multiple videos. Their unanimous conclusion? That Gardner shot Scurlock in self-defense.

Despite the delusional claims posted on “social media” that Gardner used the N-word — which, as we all know, is grounds for summary execution by any black person — none of the videos substantiate that. To the contrary, Scurlock’s own friend denied that Gardner said anything racial at all. (Apparently, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.)

At 22, Scurlock already had a rap sheet a mile long, including home invasion, assault and battery, domestic violence — and, of course, he was in the middle of a crime spree that very night. Methamphetamine and cocaine were found in his urine.

But “the community” erupted like COVID in April. Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt (bisexual, graduate of a now-defunct college) repeatedly called Gardner a “white supremacist.” Another Nebraska state senator, Kara Eastman (bisexual), called Gardner’s shooting of Spurlock a “cold-blooded murder.”

(Why do I mention their sexual orientations? A lot of the hate toward Gardner seems to come from the transgender community for his posting on Facebook that transgenders would be restricted to the unisex bathrooms because a man in a dress had attacked a female customer in the ladies’ room.)

Twitter was full of unattractive humans claiming that Gardner was a “white supremacist,” which were dutifully reprinted in local media, such as this one from @nostudavab (Twitter banner: “F*CK TRUMP”):

“Club owner Jake Gardner shot and killed a protestor in Omaha on video, yelling racial slurs. he is openly racist and homophobic. he murdered James Scurlock, he’s proud of it, and he’s not in jail.”

Protesters besieged Kleine’s neighborhood.

Kleine responded to the mob’s demand for “justice” by calling in a black prosecutor, Fred Franklin, to make damn sure the grand jury indicted Gardner — whom Kleine (the elected D.A.) had found to be innocent. As he was expected to do, Franklin produced a series of fanciful indictments, including for manslaughter and making a “terroristic threat.” (The “terroristic threat” was Gardner lifting his shirt to show the peaceful protesters that he was armed.)

The special prosecutor’s ALL NEW EVIDENCE THAT BLEW THE OTHER FACTS AWAY was this: The night of the BLM protest, Gardner had posted on Facebook: “Just when you think ‘what else could 2020 throw at me?’ Then you have to pull 48 hours of military style firewatch.”


Gardner’s landlord, Frank Vance, promptly evicted Jake’s bars from the building, and sent an anguished apology letter to Scurlock’s family (“deepest sympathy … the pain and suffering … losing a child to unnecessary violence … apologize for this horrible incident … time to heal … very deepest condolences”).

Gardner was facing 95 years in prison for shooting a career criminal who was choking him, and now he had lost his source of income. So naturally his friends tried to set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for his legal defense.

GoFundMe’s response? They instantly and repeatedly took down the page, based on their clearly stated policy: We don’t like you.

Here’s a thought, GoFundMe: Guaranteeing a fair trial for an individual accused of a crime isn’t the same as defending the thing he’s accused of. That’s the whole point! Gardner wanted to prove that he was innocent. Nope! No fair trial, no fair press, no livelihood, no GoFundMe. No chance.

Meanwhile, the family of the convicted criminal who jumped Gardner has already raised more than a quarter-million dollars on GoFundMe. (Funeral expenses can be costly!)

Poor Jake Gardner didn’t stand a chance against the raging, hate-filled multitude. Even those sworn to uphold the law, like Kleine and Franklin, leapt in with the mob. And a corporation whose business it is to enable people to raise money for just causes such as getting a fair trial refused to do business with him, not unlike the Memphis Woolworth’s treatment of black people in 1960.

Sadly, President Trump never said a word about his polite, cheerful supporter being railroaded in Omaha. Gardner had attended Trump’s inauguration with such high hopes. He had well wishes even for the (can we say “insane”?) protesters he encountered there.

Last weekend, facing death threats and a kangaroo court, and with no means to mount a defense, Gardner killed himself, rather than be killed by the mob waiting for him back in Omaha.

This is the part of the column where I make a clarion call for action. How about civil suits against the monsters in the prosecutor’s office, against the criminal-supporting GoFundMe and the Facebook and Twitter defamation mobs! Maybe a department of justice investigation or FCC action against biased social media companies. Antitrust suits. Boycotts!

I’ve got nothing. The country has gone mad. I always figured the first armed civilian who ever fought back would put an end to the violence exploding all over the country — the violence that police and prosecutors can’t or won’t stop. “We have the guns,” conservatives like to say. In fact, it’s even worse now.

It’s official: You can’t protect yourself. Not even a blameless ex-Marine could defend himself from being choked to death. The D.A. will call in a “special” prosecutor to throw you to the wolves, and they’ll both be praised for railroading an innocent man in the Omaha World Herald, while the national media defame you.

Here is the criminal background of both Gardner and Scurlock

Gardner, 38, has been charged with several misdemeanors in the past, including failing to announce his concealed handgun to an officer, according to court records.

He was arrested in September 2013 and charged with several misdemeanors, including two assault and battery charges and failing to inform an officer about a concealed handgun, after what court records suggest was a dispute involving a QuikPark parking lot or garage.

Gardner threatened a driver and another witness, according to a police report. He had a concealed carry permit then.

The weapon charge, one of the assault and battery charges and a property damage charge were dropped. The other assault and battery charge was downgraded to disorderly conduct.

Gardner ended up pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and theft of services, and paying fines.

Gardner could not be reached for comment Monday evening.

Court records show that Gardner had his first brush with the law in 1999 at age 17, when he faced a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge that was transferred to juvenile court.

In August 2011, he was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and carrying a concealed weapon, both misdemeanors. The driving charge was ultimately dropped, and the concealed weapon charge was downgraded to disturbing the peace. He pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and paid a $200 fine.

Court records show that police were ordered to destroy the knife they confiscated from Gardner.

In a 2017 application for a liquor license for The Gatsby, which is at 1207 Harney St., Gardner indicated that the only crime he had ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty to was a 2007 charge in Wyoming for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Applications to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission require disclosure of any convictions or guilty pleas for any charges, including misdemeanors, felonies and any local ordinances.

In September 2019, the state liquor board issued Gardner a verbal warning to better cooperate with police after reports of fights at The Gatsby on April 27 and May 5, 2019.

During the April 27 disturbance, the liquor commission said, an Omaha police officer searching for an unconscious and bleeding man inside the club was stopped at the front door by a security officer, who became “confrontational” and barred the officer from entering. Gardner reportedly confronted the officer, too, and expressed discontent with his presence.

In a 2016 World-Herald article about backlash to comments he made about transgender people, Gardner described himself as a libertarian ex-Marine who had deployed to Iraq and Haiti.

“These things have a way to destroy you, or just blow over,” he said of the criticism directed at him.

In 2015, Scurlock was sentenced to three to five years in jail for a home invasion that occurred in 2014 in Norfolk.

According to a court affidavit, Scurlock and three others entered a Norfolk home in December 2014 and demanded money, drugs and cellphones from the four residents who were home. One resident told police that each man had a semiautomatic pistol and used the guns to threaten them.

The resident recognized one robber as someone who he grew up with. Officers arrested that person, who said Scurlock also was there. Scurlock later told officers he was involved, according to court documents.

Scurlock pleaded guilty to burglary as part of a plea agreement and served 11 months in prison.

In January 2019, Scurlock pleaded guilty to assault and battery, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. On May 12 of this year, he pleaded guilty to third-degree domestic assault, also a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, with credit for 53 days already served. It’s unclear when Scurlock was released from jail.

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