More coronavirus nonsense

Updated with current data May 5th, 2020.

So, again, we restrict access to all of the state’s hospitals – and many small businesses – based upon something that never happened and was never going to happen, and when we see a small spike in infections at a meatpacking plant whose workers are often from 3rd world countries with who knows how much comorbidity and who smoke and live and work virtually on top of each other and most likely have poor sanitation practices … I have witnessed first hand from working with 3rd world immigrants (yes, I know, how can I possibly suggest that a few people are representative of all blah, blah, blah) who NEVER washed their hands, even after cleaning toilets) and also more natural born Americans than I care to think about who rarely wash their hands…

BUT more importantly this article AGAIN only mentions a spike in infections. That is the nearly meaningless statistic the Libs have been reporting since they discovered this crisis could benefit them politically. Now we know that gazillions more people in L.A. county ** have had the disease than reported and didn’t even know it. Infection does NOT necessarily mean getting seriously ill, or going to the hospital, or even death. 

The simple fact is that 40 to 50 percent, at low estimate, of all deaths in the European Union from COVID-19 have occurred at nursing homes; the same is true in California. Had the authorities properly protected nursing homes, the infection fatality rate across the industrialized world could be half of the current rate.

It is also true that the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 ranges widely by age: As of late April, of the 37,308 deaths recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 1,036 were people under the age of 45, and just 51 were below the age of 25.

Even among younger populations, the vast majority of deaths were people with underlying conditions. Israeli scientists suggest that protecting the elderly and the vulnerable and then allowing herd immunity to develop among the least vulnerable would radically reduce overall mortality (by over 40 percent), reduce the maximum number of people in need for ICUs (by over 60 percent) and decrease the time required to allow freedom to low-risk populations by months.

We now know that over 50% of the population is immune to Covid-19 or are a-symptomatic, and another 30% have only mild symptoms, and – most importantly – somewhere around 99.9% of all INFECTED persons recover. The vast number of deaths – predicted – were ghoulishly over stated based upon the vague and limited data coming out of Italy and China. Also the vast number of deaths occur in nursing homes among the very elderly. Quarantining the healthy and young was unnecessary. There never was a need to shutdown any country let alone America.

In point of fact countries that did NOT shut down, Sweden is the best example, have no more and even less deaths from Covid-19 than the countries that did. The eminently practical Japanese only quarantined their elderly, shutdown travel from China and achieved a very low (4 per million) death rate. States that did not order draconian lock-down measures (the Red states) have fewer deaths than those that did. California was especially blessed that the virus spread thru much of the population in December and January, allowing for herd immunity, before the nutcases that run that state were able to cause irreparable damage. With nearly 40 million people and only 2,379 deaths that amounts to a statistical blip.

Then there is the crazy, Leftist city of New York, run by some of the stupidest liberals in the country (Mayor Bill de Blasio a true moron and Gov. Andrew Cuomo) who did NOT prepare at all for an epidemic virus though they were warned repeatedly to do so over a year in advance of this one. But for the timely help of President Donald Trump New York would have been an unmitigated disaster. The mayor ordered the homeless onto the subways which are the only means of transportation for the ‘essential’ workers who still had to stream into the city everyday of the lockdown. No wonder the virus spread so rapidly in New York city. The idiot governor ordered infected people to be housed in NURSING homes of all places. He could just as well have ordered their execution for the deaths he caused (1,285 per million – over 320 times the same densely populated city of Tokyo).

Slowing the spread of this virus was not only uncalled for, damaging in the extreme to 100s of millions of people, but positively harmful. Slowing the ‘herd immunity’ effect only prolonged the end and destruction of this contagion, which is inevitable when left to run its natural course thru a population. Persons of advanced age and comorbidity issues were the highest number of victims of Covid-19 by far. And for unknown reasons men are far more likely to die of this disease than women, but most likely that is simply due to the fact that women in general take better care of their health than men do.

So 30 million people lose 8 weeks of pay and many of those their current jobs and businesses forever, our 401Ks are decimated, our kids are kicked out of school and who knows when the Leftists who control our mass media will ever report how many people have gotten sick, become mentally ill, or died because OF the lockdown. Necessary surgeries, chemo, vaccinations, check-ups, dental work, medical tests, etc., were delayed to leave space in our hospitals for corona victims which never and were never going to materialize.

NO, our democratic elite just call that collateral damage and almost completely ignore it or try to tell everyone platitudes about coping. Well Libs can just stop whining about nonexistent global warming and learn how to cope with that.

** Coronavirus death rate MUCH lower than predicted


AND this whole national shut-down got started to prevent overwhelming the hospitals. That was never going to happen.

AND this whole thing got started because so many people were dying in Italy and China. Never noting that Italy and China have disproportionately more smokers and very-elderly people than other nations AND both countries have decrepit, socialized, backwards healthcare systems that can’t handle anything out of the ususal.

You quarantine the SICK and susceptible NOT the healthy. That was just evil and stupid and politically driven. The Leftists of the world (i.e., democrats and communists) simply love shutting people down!

JUST like with manmade global warming alarmists – this is mostly politically driven. And notice WHO wants to keep the shutdown going – it is mostly democrats. Ruining the economy is the chief reason democrats wanted to shutdown the nation to begin with.

ANYTHING to stop President Trump from being reelected. Communists have been shutting down economies (latest example Venezuela) for over 100 years! Obama shut down the economy and told us it was just the new normal. When Trump revived the economy and gave us the best economy EVER they just couldn’t stand it.


In his first move to loosen restrictions that have been in place to battle and control the spread of the coronavirus in the state, Gov. Pete Ricketts said Monday he is lifting the order blocking elective surgeries beginning May 4.

That restriction had been implemented by the governor to ensure that the state’s medical resources would be protected and reserved for use in the battle against the deadly virus.

And with that goal still in mind, the order lifting the ban on elective surgeries will be accompanied by a series of safeguards.

The green light for elective surgeries will be flashed only if 30% of a hospital’s beds remain open, 30% of intensive-care beds are open, 30% of hospital ventilators remain available and there is at least two weeks’ supply of personal protective equipment available at the hospital site.

Hall County and Dawson County are “the hot spots in the state” now, the governor said. That spike in coronavirus cases has essentially grown out of large meatpacking plants in Grand Island and Lexington.

“Our approach is to work with people collaboratively,” Ricketts said, and so that has meant reaching out to company managers to protect workers while keeping the plants operating.

“The whole goal is to keep them open,” he said, recognizing that meatpacking plants are “vital to the food supply chains in the country.”

Ricketts said the state is increasing its efforts to make sure workers are alerted and informed through communication in their native language so they can follow the best practices to protect their health.

The meatpacking workforce is largely composed of a wide array of immigrants who work virtually shoulder-to-shoulder on fast-moving production lines. Many of the workers are Latino and speak only Spanish.

Hall and Dawson counties accounted for 348 of the newly identified coronavirus cases in the state over the weekend. That’s nearly half of the statewide total.

Grand Island has also been impacted by outbreaks in nursing homes.

“They (Hall and Dawson counties) don’t seem overwhelmed” in terms of medical care capacity, Dr. Gary Anthone, the state’s chief medical officer, said during the governor’s briefing.

“It seems very much under control at this time.”

CHI St. Francis in Grand Island is operating at 50% capacity, Anthone said. CHI Health will be moving some medical personnel from Omaha to Grand Island to help, and they will have access to hotel accommodations previously arranged by the state. 

Meanwhile, Ricketts said, he will remain in regular contact with food processors to “share best practices,” and he said he has also talked with union representatives.

During the briefing, Anthone warned that smokers face increased danger from the coronavirus.

“It adds to the viral load, and it can be very devastating,” he said. 

Smokers are “more susceptible to severe symptoms, more likely to need a ventilator and have a decreased chance of coming off” the machine.

Smoking also “complicates the ability to diagnose and treat” the coronavirus, Anthone said.

The new order also lifts the ban on surgical procedures at dental offices, vision clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and veterinary practices. 

Ricketts’ entire strategy for battling the coronavirus in Nebraska has focused on an effort to make sure that the virus does not overwhelm the state’s health care system.

While protecting the vital hospital system, the governor said, he recognizes that elective surgeries are “an important source of revenue for hospitals (to) be able to stay in business.”

Ricketts said he’s also prepared to loosen some restrictions on coronavirus testing to broaden the opportunity for health care providers to make the call on who needs to be tested.

“We are looking for ways to expand testing,” he said. 

“We need to beef up testing and contact tracing,” the process of identifying and testing persons who may have been in recent contact with an individual who tests positive for infection by the virus.

“We need more resources for contact tracing,” Ricketts said, and that includes “getting people trained.”

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