Never Again

From the Mayo Clinic:

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). In 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China.

The virus is now known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease it causes is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The disaster of the novel Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)) is not so much the disease itself (COVID-19) or its impact on the health of the world but rather the incredibly crazed reaction the world and more importantly America has had to it.

This virus is no more deadly or virile than the seasonal flu that hits the world and America every year or no more than equally deadly to the other viruses that the Chinese have unleashed upon the America and the world in the recent past (SARS and H1N1). The definition of a ‘case’ was altered specifically to inflate the numbers and to scare the public. A case has always been defined as someone who manifests symptoms of a disease and/or is actually sickened by the disease. Subjecting the population to ultra-sensitive, and often false-positive, tests (at great expense to the taxpayer) of people who are asymptomatic and then counting them as a case is quite simply criminal malfeasance on the part of democrats.

Nor are the number of deaths ‘from’ COVID19 anywhere near the number of deaths of victims ‘with’ COVID19. Again determined to inflate the numbers and scare the public into compliance with their desire to ruin American and steal the 2020 presidential election with illegal mass ballot mailings the democrats have redefined what it means to die from a disease.

COVID19 is in fact less deadly to most of the population under the age of 50 than either SARS or H1N1 and nearly no threat whatsoever to those under the age of 25. It is however more deadly to the already sick and afflicted especially those over 80. And because the democrats demagogued cheap and readily available remedial drugs like HCQ many more people had to die or suffer extensive rehab or hospitalization than would have otherwise been the case if our media and governmental overlords had allowed these treatments.

It is well past time to stop acting like this is going to be the Zombie Apocalypse. Democrat donors and other ‘experts’ and especially democrat politicians have been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead television series, and if not them then certainly too many democrat voters have been.

“We’re all gonna die!” is the cry of the Left. Hasn’t this been their mantra for the past 60 years? Paul Ehrlich’s prediction of imminent human disaster in his book The Population Bomb never materialized. Time magazine’s prediction of a new Ice Age in 1975 not only never happened but turned into the exact opposite with environmentalists crying wolf over global warming.

Ehrlich’s theory is that there will be a disaster for humanity due to over population. 10 million people will be starving during each of the years in the 1970’s. “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and. 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash. (quoted from

Democrat Congresswoman AOC and Senator Bernie Sanders spout off every day about the disastrous climate change that, following the lead of that eminent moron Algore, is always ten years in the future and the direct result of evil capitalism and improved human living standards around the world. Closing down America is exactly what these democrat politicians have been advocating for decades to ‘save the planet’.

In the name of safety we are cutting our own throats economically. It is not Money for Lives as the Left loves to chant but rather Lives for Lives. The economy of America drives the economies of the world. If America does not thrive no one will. The Left wants nothing less than to return us to Life on a Medieval Manor with the elite living well off the fat of the land and the masses living like pigs groveling out a living.

Wake up America. The democrats want to enslave all of us as they have done to too many African-Americans with Johnson’s disastrous Great Society welfare programs. Their theme song is “money for nothin’ and the chicks are free” (my apologies to Dire Strait). The free public housing produced the now infamous projects and created urban ghettos. We cannot provide an income for displaced workers due to the virus shutdown by endlessly borrowing money and running up the national debt. This madness has to stop.

In the season finale of the TV show FireFly the bounty hunter has captured River on the Serenity. He boasts about how much money he will collect and that he could retire. But he’s not going to retire and says, “What’s life without work?”. Democrats despise honest labor and earning a living without their supervision. They despise the Protestant Work Ethic, they despise free people, they despise the middle class and they love, champion and make excuses for communism and the never-ending failure of communist countries to provide even basic living standards for their people.

Never again! We must never again shutdown America out of fear of anything, especially the vain fears that animate the Left and the democratic party.

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