‘Concerned parents’ reported Norris High School teacher accused of sex abuse, deputy says

Andrew Wegley May 22, 2023 – LJS

My cmnt: Obviously from a Judeo-Christian worldview casual sexual relationships are immoral and sex between persons in positions of power and authority and their subordinates is subject to criminal prosecution as a form of harassment and abuse. The entire #MeToo movement was an effort to expose this ongoing abuse among the democratic men in Hollywood and Washington D.C.

My cmnt: However from the materialistic worldview of the democrat/media/educational establishment it would seem this standard is hard to justify especially in the case of a young woman and one of her more mature male students. It is in fact a point often made in literature and film that for a teenage boy to have voluntary sexual contact with an older girl or young woman is considered quite an accomplishment and something to be highly desired and admired if it should actually occur. I offer the film Summer of ’42 (1971) as just one example. Squints copping a kiss from the lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn in The Sandlot (1993) is but another.

My cmnt: Men and women, boys and girls are so different sexually that we without hesitation hire girls and young women to babysit our children while no one in their right mind would hire almost any boy or young man to do the same. This is also why the vast majority of dental hygienists, nurses, nannies and daycare workers are female.

My cmnt: Another obvious fact is that men are receptive to sex with pretty girls or young woman at almost anytime whereas women, by nature, are much more selective in this area because they must have reliable help, protection and care for the offspring that may result. In a vain attempt to counter this law of nature and to make women as promiscuous as men, democrats have introduced universal birth control and abortion on demand as the solution. But what we have seen since the sexual revolution of the 60s is that the main result of birth control and abortion and the glorification of sex has been a pandemic of venereal diseases, infanticide, illegitimacy, abandonment, and worst of all – depopulation leading to extinction.

My cmnt: Just as obviously men in positions of power or authority are forbidden by common sense and social pressure and the law from pursuing girls or young women made vulnerable in these environments. However attempting to apply this same standard to young women is just another effort by the Lib-Left establishment to make a false equivalency of the sexes as in the whole gender/LGBT nonsense.

My cmnt: All of the western democracies have unsustainable birthrates. The Lib-Left answer to below replacement level birthrates is to have unbridled (legal and illegal) immigration of third-world peoples who lack education and marketable skills, do not speak the language, have no desire to assimilate and less desire to adopt the Protestant Judeo-Christian ethical system that formed the West.

My cmnt: For a 23-year-old male to have or pursue a sexual relationship with a physically mature, underage girl is so common it’s barely news. Sting made a pop hit out of this concept in his song Don’t Stand so Close to Me, and Lulu made a pop hit out of To Sir with Love echoing the same theme of school-age girls having crushes on their male teachers. But for a 23-year-old female to have or pursue a sexual relationship with an underage boy is so uncommon it’s odd. Rather she would normally be seeking a peer age or older male for a lasting, longterm relationship. From this we may assume that this teacher, and the increasing number of female teachers like her, have a type of culturally induced immaturity and lack of judgement that disqualifies them from teaching older male students.

My cmnt: That being said, to treat this young, female teacher with the same contempt and criminal charges we would rightly apply to a male teacher is a miscarriage of justice. Perhaps with counseling, maturity and experience this woman will turn out to be a fine teacher but to even talk of putting her in prison is unjustified. As it is her reputation is ruined and her expensive education thrown away. At most her punishment has already been meted out with public shaming and the lost of her employment and the embarrassment of a grown woman throwing herself at a mere boy. Probation is the best answer and an opportunity to teach again, appropriately grade school children rather than young men, should be the result.

The 23-year-old Norris High School teacher and assistant trap team coach who was arrested Friday for the alleged sexual abuse of a student was reported to law enforcement by “concerned parents” of other trap team members, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Lillie Bowman, a Norris alumnus and English teacher at the high school about 15 miles south of Lincoln, was charged Monday with first-degree sexual abuse by a school employee — a class 2 felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Bowman Lancaster County jail

The charge comes a week after trap team parents reported the coach’s relationship with a student athlete to the sheriff’s office May 14, according to court records and Chief Deputy Sheriff Ben Houchin.

Days after fielding the report, deputies on Friday interviewed the student athlete, who told authorities he had been in a dating relationship with Bowman since March, Deputy Joanna Dimas said in the probable cause statement for the 23-year-old’s arrest.

Deputies arrested Bowman on school grounds the same day.

Investigators believe she had sexually abused the student on roughly 10 separate occasions over the last two months, Dimas said in the probable cause statement.

Bowman, who was taken to the Lancaster County jail upon her arrest Friday, was in her first year teaching at Norris following her graduation from Doane University in May 2022.

She competed as a trap shooter in both high school and college and had been an assistant coach for Norris’ trap team prior to her arrest, according to the district’s website.

In an emailed statement, Norris School District Superintendent Brian Maschmann said deputies informed the district Friday morning a teacher had been arrested.

Maschmann said Bowman, who he did not name in the statement, “was immediately removed from” her classroom and “will not return.” He said the district will work to assist the sheriff’s office in its investigation.

“At this time, the district wishes to reaffirm to its students, parents and community members that student safety remains, without question, our highest priority,” Maschmann said.

Houchin said Friday marked the sheriff’s office’s first notification to Norris officials that they were investigating Bowman’s relationship with the student.

At her initial court appearance Monday afternoon, which Bowman attended via Zoom from a Lancaster County jail cell, prosecutors told Judge Thomas Zimmerman that the 23-year-old made attempts to “cover up” her relationship with the student.

The state asked Zimmerman to set Bowman’s percentage bond at $100,000, but her Omaha-based attorney, Michael J. Wilson, argued for a lower amount, noting that Bowman has no criminal history, had been working toward a master’s degree and volunteered at her church growing up.

Wilson called the prosecutor’s bond request “a little high” given Bowman “poses no threat” to the community.

Zimmerman ultimately agreed, setting her percentage bond at $50,000 and ordering her to have no contact with the student — or anyone under the age of 19.

Bowman must pay $5,000 to be released from jail.

Norris High School student reported teacher month before arrest, court records show

A 16-year-old Norris High School student warned administrators in early April that rumors were circulating about a relationship between the school’s assistant trap shooting coach and a student athlete on the team, deputies alleged in court filings.

The 16-year-old student told investigators that he was instructed to stop speaking about 23-year-old Lillie Bowman’s relationship with the student athlete or risk a suspension, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Deputy Joanna Dimas said in a search warrant made public Wednesday that outlines a weeklong investigation that ended with Bowman’s arrest Friday.

Prosecutors charged the English teacher and Norris High School alumna Monday with first-degree sexual abuse by a school employee — a class 2 felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

In an email Wednesday to the Journal Star, Norris School District Superintendent Brian Maschmann said the district “received word” April 6 that rumors were circulating about an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student, but that an immediate investigation seemed to quash the rumor.

“At that time, both (Bowman and the student) stated that the rumor was not true,” Maschmann said in the email, in which he did not name Bowman.

Maschmann said the administrator also interviewed the student thought to have been spreading the rumor, who reported “hearing the rumor off campus and spreading the message to other students.”

The administrator then called that student’s mom to relay the conversation “and that the accusation appeared unfounded,” Maschmann said.

And, he said, administrators reported the rumor and investigation to Norris’ school resource officer.

Reached by phone Wednesday, Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Houchin said he didn’t learn of the April 6 email from an assistant principal to the resource officer until this week, but said the resource officer seemed to follow protocol.

Houchin said the email seemed intended to keep the deputy in the loop about school happenings and — since the assistant principal indicated the rumor was “unfounded” and that there wasn’t yet an indication of the relationship’s sexual nature — there wasn’t an apparent need for further investigating.

Then, more than a month later on May 14, a concerned Norris parent reported Bowman’s relationship with a member of the team to the sheriff’s office, prompting a weeklong investigation that resulted in Monday’s felony charges.

In the search warrant, Dimas, the deputy, said a parent called the Sheriff’s Office and said her son reported seeing Bowman holding hands with the student athlete, riding in a vehicle with him and going out to lunch with the teen.

Investigators later talked to Bowman’s roommate, who shared a south Lincoln apartment with the Doane University graduate.

Bowman’s roommate told authorities the 23-year-old informed her of her relationship with the student in mid-April and that the student had at times hung out at their apartment, Dimas said in the court filing.

But for the most part, Bowman tried to keep the student out of her roommate’s sight due to the discomfort their relationship had caused, according to the search warrant.

Bowman would text her roommate and ask if she planned to be around their apartment before inviting the student over, Dimas said, doing so eight times in April and May.

On May 18 — the day before deputies arrested Bowman — investigators obtained the 23-year-old’s phone records that showed she had spoken on the phone with the student 306 times between April 1 and then, Dimas said.

Deputies on Friday searched Bowman’s apartment, at 8450 Cody Drive, and found open condom wrappers and used condoms — at least one of which is thought to have been from the night before, Dimas said.

In a Friday interview with investigators, the student said he had been in a relationship with Bowman since March after they grew close to one another as trap season progressed, according to the court records.

The student said he and Bowman had sex approximately 10 times since April, Dimas said.

Bowman, who was taken to the Lancaster County jail after she was arrested on school grounds Friday, was in her first year teaching at Norris following her graduation from Doane in May 2022.

She paid $5,000 to bond out Monday.

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