Global Surface Temperature Comparison 

NASA GISS 1880 – 2022 | Anomaly vs. Absolute Temperature

My cmnt: What’s important to see here is that the first graph is an example of how the Leftist media lies, suppresses and distorts the truth. Since 1880 when the global temperature was 57 degrees F the global temperature has gone up a mere 2 degrees F. I would defy anyone to go outside and tell me if it was 57 degrees or 59 degrees. But if you scale the graph as they have done it LOOKS like a precipitous rise in global temperature.

My cmnt: However when you look at the second graph below and scale it as shown you see a remarkably stable global temperature over the past 142 years. Clearly we are not in any kind of “crisis” over global warming. In point of fact the slight increase in global temperature and Co2 levels has been incredibly good for all life; as the planet greens, crops thrive and animal life becomes even more abundant.

New WUWT Global Temperature Feature: Anomaly vs. Real-World Temperature

My cmnt: It’s highly likely that without the additional Co2 man has added to the atmosphere the planet may have even cooled as vegetation diminished and animal life (including man) suffers.

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One thought on “Global Surface Temperature Comparison 

  1. The graph is even milder in Centigrade (associated with water’s phase transitions) and even milder than that in Kelvin (the absolute energy scale). These two are the only temperature scales that matter.

    Once you factor out urban sprawl, I doubt there is any correlation left.


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