Madrid Open takes heat over ball crew outfits among other issues

Larga vida a España – Long Live Spain

By Ryan Gaydos | Fox News – May 10, 2023 – Fox News

My cmnt: I was perusing the guide on our TV and just happened to click on the Madrid Open. First, I was glad to see that the men only had to play three sets just like the women. Only the Grand Slam events (i.e., Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open and the US Open) still require men to play five sets while the women (who are paid equally) only play three. I notice I don’t hear any women whining about this inequity.

My cmnt: Second, I soon noticed the ball retrievers were all pretty, shapely, girls (or women, if you prefer) wearing feminine outfits. I immediately called my wife over to the TV and asked her what she thought of this. We agreed it was an hilarious and gutsy slap in the face to the world’s Libs and decided we must visit Spain sometime.

My cmnt: It’s about time that tennis catch up with other sports. There’s a reason almost all college and professional football teams have young, pretty, female cheerleaders and boxing and MMA have bikini-clad women prance around holding up the cards. Everyone, boys and girls, men and women, like to look at pretty girls (or women, if you prefer) dancing. No One watches men (except gays and drunk women at parties) dance.

My cmnt: In a Seinfeld episode Jerry’s girlfriend likes to walk around his apartment nude. At first Jerry thinks this is great, then he sees her trying to take a tight lid off a jar of pickles. He winces. After a short time he wants her to start wearing clothes again. Ignoring hints she just won’t put on clothes. So Jerry starts walking around the apartment nude also. She responds that that’s disgusting and dresses and leaves. Jerry asks Elaine what gives. Elaine says, “Whoa. Walking around naked? Uh, that is not a good look for a man.” George asks, “Why not, it’s a good look for a woman?” Elaine elaborates, “Well, the female body is a … work of art. The male body is utilitarian. It’s for getting around. It’s like a Jeep.”

My cmnt: The democrats are the sexist lusters of the world. See my posts here and here on the democratic men of #MeToo. Democrats are caught (in one of countless others) a bind here. Their men (and women) lust for pretty, young women while their Marxist-Leftist religion requires them to pretend men and women are exactly the same and interchangeable. Our newest, democrat Supreme Court justice can’t even tell us what a woman is (see here) and the entire democrat party pretends a man is a woman if he says he is.

The Madrid Open is one of the precursors to the French Open later this month, and while most of the tennis world is celebrating Carlos Alcaraz and Aryna Sabalenka’s victories, there were a myriad of controversies along the way.

First, Victoria Azarenka pointed out the differences in the cakes the champions of the tournament received. Alcaraz – who is from Spain – received the giant two-tiered dessert after his win over Jan-Lennard Struff. Sabalenka received a single-tier cake with a few candles and fanfare.

Azarenka agreed with one Twitter user who wrote, “the difference in cake size is astounding.”

Carlos Alcaraz is presented with a birthday cake after the Men’s Singles semi-final match against Borna Coric on Day 12 of the Mutua Madrid Open at La Caja Magica on May 5, 2023 in Madrid. (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

However, it was Alcaraz’s birthday on Friday

Additionally, Azarenka and her doubles partner Beatriz Haddad Maia defeated Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula in the final, but the winners were barred from addressing the crowd after the match. According to USA Today, finalists in the men’s singles and doubles and the women’s singles were given the opportunity to speak to the crowd.

“I don’t know what century everyone was living in when they made that decision,” she said Tuesday, via Tennis Majors. “To be honest, it kind of spoke for itself. We were upset when it happened, especially being told during the trophy ceremony we weren’t going to be allowed to speak. We were kind of like, Well, I guess this just kind of proves a point.”

Lastly, the other controversy stemmed from those who were not playing for the trophies.

During the men’s matches, the all-female crew whose job it was to provide the balls to the competitors wore short skirts and crop tops that showed their midriff. After complaints, the ball crew changed their outfits.

Pilar Calvino, a spokesperson for the Spanish Association for Women in Professional Sport, told The Independent the organizers were urged to change the policy around the dress code.

Ball girls seen on court during the Men’s Singles semi-final match between Carlos Alcaraz and Borna Coric on Day 12 of the Mutua Madrid Open at La Caja Magica on May 5, 2023 in Madrid. (Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

“It’s a way of feminizing girls with respect to boys who don’t dress in the same way,” Calvino said. “Ultimately, it’s a form of sexist violence that is so widespread that people don’t even notice it.”

Readers’ comments

Sexist violence? This misuse of the word violence has gotten out of hand. Anything you disagree with is not violence.

The only ones complaining are the women who could never pull off that look


I think they look great

Anyone here have an issue with women being feminine?

Funny how so many Spanish women choose to dress similarly in their personal lives. The Left will say they have been indoctrinated by a male-dominated society. I think that it is women choosing to be proud of the fact that men are attracted to them.

It is unconscionable that these young ladies were FORCED into wearing those outfits!! How could they not be given the choice to say “No thanks?!?” Oh… they weren’t forced to participate? Why are we here again?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

The ladies look amazing! Nothing wrong here.

Outrage over real woman’s clothes, being worn by real women

It is sad that they are forced to wear impractical clothes not fit for the job. Yes.

Exactly! Cue the sky screaming Marxists

The women were not forced and actually love and choose the outfit designs on their own

I’m just here for the sights. Reading about tennis is pretty far down the list of must read.

Hey Coco, they actually call the character limit at Twitter “The Female Rule” and for good reason.

None of this matters. In a couple years it will only be biological males playing anyway.

lol. . . made me chuckle and cringe at the same time. . . wonder who the fans will be then?

People with lobotomy scars would be my guess. 🤨

Those outfits are the only reason I bothered to read this article. Good work.

You stole my line. I don’t care about tennis at all.

And they look great!!

Everything that happens in public by any organization must be targeted by the left for something. Just goes to show that these people have way too much time on their hands. Shut up and get a job. As for the athletes, enjoy the fact you get paid to play a game

There is much worse on TV commercials. I suppose if the “woke” corporations donate, the left promises not to target them.

Right now, for some reason the media only pays attention to the offended 10% of society, I guess the other 90% has to be told what they are supposed to find “offensive”.

“Ultimately, it’s a form of sexist violence that is so widespread that people don’t even notice it.

Because it’s not sexist violence?

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