WATCH: Biden Awkwardly Walks Away from Air Force Football Players During White House Ceremony

by DYLAN GWINN – 29 Apr 2023 – for Breitbart news

President Joe Biden seemed confused and eventually wandered away from a group of Air Force football players trying to present him with a jersey, helmet, and team-signed ball.

The awkward scene occurred at the White House on Friday after Biden presented the Air Force football team with the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy for defeating the other service academies during the 2022-2023 football season. Air Force not only defeated the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Military Academy, but they also beat Baylor in the Armed Forces Bowl on their way to a 10-win season.

Readers’ comments

What an embarrassment. Time for 25th Amend.

81M legitimate votes.

and next time they will manufacture 121.5 Million

81.5 votes counted, but not 81.5 million voters. Try 40 million

In the infamous words of Joseph Stalin: It is not how many votes are cast but how many votes are counted.

Or, another version: It is not who casts the vote that matters but rather he who counts it.

My cmnt: While this quote is certainly within the thinking of the former Soviet dictator (and many democrats who currently or in the past run their respective political machines) there does not appear to be any evidence that he actually said or wrote these words. Click here view the USA Today fact check article.

The man is not fit to change his own Depend diapers without making a mess at it.

And never forget, he has his finger on the red button.

This is our Commander in Chief! He’s lost, wandering around the room, and stumbling toward WW III.

Yep. Weakening and embarrassing the US daily!

We need two political parties, but two American, political parties.

The democrat party is no longer an American, American political party.

They are totalitarians, communists, whose only desire is to rule with an iron fist, and they will do anything that is necessary for them to do so – –

– – Facilitate election fraud, pack the Supreme Court, make DC a state, frame the innocent, law-fare their opponents into bankruptcy and incarceration, etc., etc., etc.

They told us that they intend to “Fundamentally Transform” us.

They seek to eliminate any future contenders, and rule for millennia.

Puppet-Saboteur Biden is their marionette du jour.

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