When Race Trumps Merit

The further decline and fall of America to Racial-Marxist policies

My cmnt: The following is excerpted from Heather MacDonald’s book which can be purchased here

My cmnt: I have made the argument on this website that professional sports in America, especially in basketball, are by definition, according to the democrat-media complex, racist. When 90% of the NBA and 80% of the elite college teams are black and black men make up only 6.5% of the U.S. population then they are ipso facto racist. Read this excellent column by economics professor Walter Williams, who is black, here.

Editorial Reviews


Western institutions that once stood tall have begun to erode under the utter destruction brought on by one word: equity. Heather Mac Donald brilliantly breaks down this regressive equity epidemic in which race overtakes merit. Built on a foundation of pseudo-intellectual drivel, it has infected our justice system, science, medicine, and more.

– Ben Shapiro, Host of The Ben Shapiro Show

Heather Mac Donald’s When Race Trumps Merit is a tour de force that brings to bear the author’s prodigious cultural formation, clear prose, and, most important of all, unflinching courage. Mac Donald observes the growing threats to the West, from criminal acts to cultural degradation—burglaries to rewriting Beethoven—and she proposes to excise the pernicious ideology behind these evils at a time when more cowardly commentators dare not even criticize it by name. A book to strengthen both mind and spine.

– Michael Knowles, Host of The Michael Knowles Show

Heather Mac Donald has done it again! Her new book, When Race Trumps Merit, is a fact-filled, eloquent, and passionate critique of the drift toward relativism and mediocrity that is being visited upon us by progressive elites in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is an important, persuasive, and morally righteous jeremiad that deserves to be widely read.

– Glenn C. Loury, Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences at Brown University

About the Author

Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, and a New York Times bestselling author. She is a recipient of the 2005 Bradley Prize. Mac Donald’s work at City Journal has covered a range of topics, including higher education, immigration, policing, homelessness and homeless advocacy, criminal-justice reform, and race relations. Her writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, and The New Criterion. Mac Donald’s newest book, The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture (2018), argues that toxic ideas first spread by higher education have undermined humanistic values, fueled intolerance, and widened divisions in our larger culture.

The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture 

My cmnt: This book by Heather MacDonald can be purchased here.

By the New York Times bestselling author: a provocative account of the attack on the humanities, the rise of intolerance, and the erosion of serious learning

America is in crisis, from the university to the workplace. Toxic ideas first spread by higher education have undermined humanistic values, fueled intolerance, and widened divisions in our larger culture. Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton? Oppressive. American history? Tyranny. Professors correcting grammar and spelling, or employers hiring by merit? Racist and sexist. Students emerge into the working world believing that human beings are defined by their skin color, gender, and sexual preference, and that oppression based on these characteristics is the American experience. Speech that challenges these campus orthodoxies is silenced with brute force.

The Diversity Delusion argues that the root of this problem is the belief in America’s endemic racism and sexism, a belief that has engendered a metastasizing diversity bureaucracy in society and academia. Diversity commissars denounce meritocratic standards as discriminatory, enforce hiring quotas, and teach students and adults alike to think of themselves as perpetual victims. From #MeToo mania that blurs flirtations with criminal acts, to implicit bias and diversity compliance training that sees racism in every interaction, Heather Mac Donald argues that we are creating a nation of narrowed minds, primed for grievance, and that we are putting our competitive edge at risk.

But there is hope in the works of authors, composers, and artists who have long inspired the best in us. Compiling the author’s decades of research and writing on the subject, The Diversity Delusion calls for a return to the classical liberal pursuits of open-minded inquiry and expression, by which everyone can discover a common humanity.

Editorial Reviews


“I read every word Heather Mac Donald writes and always have. She is brilliant and has tons of guts and is an inspiration.” – Peggy Noonan, New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize Winner for Commentary

“Why should we care what happens in the Ivory Tower? Because what happens there very soon happens everywhere. Heather Mac Donald warns us: attend to the ideology now dominating the humanities and social sciences. Designed to undermine the integrity of the individual and the state alike, it does just that. The universities have a mandate to produce informed, educated, productive citizens. They have been transformed, instead, into factories of ideology that mass-produce victims, certain in their oppression, searching everywhere for oppressors to blame and to punish. And the ranks of those deemed tyrants and persecutors threaten to swell until every single one of us is deemed guilty in some manner or another. Beware.” – Jordan B. Peterson, bestselling author of 12 Rules for Life

“Universities justify their privileged position by claiming to be forums for the promotion of clarity, logic, and evidence. Yet their own policies, affecting millions, are too often defended with factual howlers, logical non sequiturs and mindless boilerplate. Heather Mac Donald may not persuade you on every point, but with her spitfire writing and scorn for nonsense she is forcing universities to live up to their own principles.” – Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of Enlightenment Now

“Others besides Heather Mac Donald have indicted academia for devastating liberal education, but no one has ever documented the damage as Mac Donald does in The Diversity Delusion. It is crammed with facts and numbers that universities go to great lengths to hide. How she did it is a mystery, but The Diversity Delusion will be my master reference for anything I write on these topics.” – Charles Murray, Emeritus Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

“Not since Alan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind has a book so thoroughly exposed the damage done to American institutions–particularly universities–by modern liberalism’s glib commitment to ‘diversity.’ Mac Donald unveils today’s true operating principle: that claims of social justice precede the diminishment of Western greatness–a greatness that has (and will continue to) benefit the former victims of Western bigotry. This book is a story of what happens when too much insecurity seeps into a great civilization.” – Shelby Steele, author of Shame, White Guilt, and The Content of Our Character

“Heather Mac Donald is one of those rare writers who can cut through the fog of rhetoric that surrounds so many issues of our time, and reveal the underlying reality that others conceal. Her essays are a revelation and her books are an education. I have read both for years and have never been disappointed.” – Thomas Sowell

“Compelling…Mac Donald rightly points out that the foundational purpose of a university, the transmission of knowledge to broaden our view of the human experience, is being lost to an ideological fixation on identity.” – Washington Examiner

“Mac Donald…is a walking encyclopedia with a razor-sharp wit, and she does not suffer fools gladly. [The Diversity Delusion] targets the liberal ideologues running America’s higher education system, both exposing and debunking their agenda.” – The College Fix

The Diversity Delusion does an admirable job of dismantling liberal academic narratives. And if anyone has earned the right to do that without looking back, it’s Heather Mac Donald.” – National Review

“No one has been more persistent, on-target, and braver in challenging politically correct nonsense [than Mac Donald].” – Center of the American Experiment

The Diversity Delusion should set off alarm bells in the minds of Americans who have heard little or nothing about the damage it is doing to the nation.” – James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

“With no less vigor than [William F.] Buckley, Mac Donald charges higher education with corrupting the youth and endangering Western culture.” – The Los Angeles Review of Books

About the Author

Heather Mac Donald is the national bestselling author of The War on Cops, a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a contributing editor of City Journal. A former aspiring academic with roots in deconstruction and postmodernism, she has been the target of violent student protest for her work on policing. She received the 2005 Bradley Prize for Outstanding Intellectual Achievement. Her writings have also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Republic, and Partisan Review, among others. She lives in New York.

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