Princeton Tigers roar through Missouri Kitty Cats

Princeton no longer looking like Cinderella – they came to play

By Lord Buckbeak – Mar. 18, 2023 – for Buckbeak Press

After upsetting number two seed Arizona 59-55 in the first round 15th seeded Princeton destroyed seventh seeded Missouri 78-63 in the second. Missouri simply had no answer to the bombardment of three pointers Princeton put up. Missouri looked like it might have superior one-on-one athletes – tho’ that is debatable – but when it came to playing smart as a team it was Princeton hands down.

Missouri did not play badly but they did start to look defeated before the game was close to over. Like a declawed pussycat it looked like they were content to go for their saucer of milk rather than the mouse in the house. Well, this mouse roared and never looked back.

However we all know that those who live by the 3-pointer, die by the 3-pointer. If Princeton can get by the winner of the Creighton-Baylor match I think we will have to say that they are for real. If they lose or flounder badly in that game then we can simply say that they just got hot against Missouri and would likely not prevail in a rematch.

Welcome to the the Sweet Sixteen Princeton. You deserve to be there.

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