‘Historic’ winter storm to slam Minnesota; record-breaking cold temperatures expected in the West: Weather updates

Story by Marina Pitofsky, Claire Thornton and Thao – Feb. 22, 2023 – MSN.com and USA Today

A pedestrian walks through the snow across North Jefferson Street in Milwaukee on Thursday. Milwaukee was expecting 6 to 10 inches of snow, while most of southeastern Wisconsin was under a winter storm warning.© Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

My cmnt: Another (have been having all kinds of normal snow storms the pass few years) Algore “we’ll never see snow again” storm. Of course the lying bastard libtards will actually say the record cold is due to global warming and proof of climate change. Those of us who live in the real world and follow real science know that the climate always changes and always will.

A monster winter storm that could bring ice, blizzard conditions, and travel disruptions – and will stretch 2,600 miles from coast to coast – was moving eastward Tuesday.

Swaths of the country could see over a foot of snow in the coming days, and parts of Minnesota are expecting 15 to 25 inches of accumulation. The National Weather Service in Twin Cities called the winter storm “historic” and said significant snow accumulation is expected to last until Thursday.

“There is a high probability that Minneapolis will pick up 18 inches of snow or more from the storm,” AccuWeather meteorologist Matt Benz said.

Tuesday evening, Wyoming closed 100 miles of Interstate 80 due to blizzard conditions. The road, a major east-west corridor, will be closed for six to eight hours, the state department of transportation said on Twitter.

By Tuesday afternoon the wind chill temperature dipped below zero degrees Fahrenheit near Minneapolis, and interstates began to fill with snow in western Minnesota, the National Weather Service said. 

FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS: More than 1,000 flights canceled due to winter storm

The massive cold front made its way through most of Montana by midday Tuesday, and residents in the Northern Plains were bracing for steep temperatures drops.

In Rapid City, South Dakota, the weather service warned residents Tuesday morning that temperatures would quickly drop from a high of 50 degrees to near zero degreesover the next 24 hours. 

Roads were closed near Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana on Tuesday morning as snow fell and wind gusts reached nearly 40 miles per hour, according to the state department of transportation.  

Record-breaking cold temperatures could also hit the West, the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center said. Those readings could extend from the West Coast to the northern Plains later this week. Flash freezes are possible in the northern Rockies, officials warned. 

Here’s what you need to know about Tuesday’s winter weather.

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