Belgian goalkeeper Arne Espeel, 25, dies on field right after making saving penalty kick

Medical staff tried to revive him with defibrillator

My cmnt: Another promising, young athlete cut down in the prime of life by the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine. A totally and completely unnecessary shot to give to anyone of normal health under the age of 50. That is what makes this doubly tragic. The democrat-media complex pushed the poke on young people and condemned them to die prematurely of heart failure. Evil bastards.

By Ryan Morik | Fox News – Feb. 14, 2023 – for Fox News

Arne Espeel, a Belgian goalkeeper, died during the second half of his game on Saturday at age 25.

Espeel, who played for Winkel Sport B in the second provincial division of West Brabant in Belgium, saved a penalty kick but collapsed to the ground afterward, according to Belgian media. 

Despite medical staff treating him with a defibrillator, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

“Winkel Sport is in very deep mourning by the sudden death of Arne Espeel,” the club said in a statement. “We wish family and friends of Arne our heartfelt condolences in this heavy loss. Football is an afterthought.”

“This is a disaster and a shock to everyone,” team manager Patrick Rotsaert added, via The Independent. “Arne had been with the club all his life and was very loved. He was a wonderfully sympathetic boy, always in a good mood and willing to help. This is really a heavy blow. First of all for his family and also our entire club.”

Espeel’s family and teammates were among 1,000 mourners on Monday during a walk of silence in Sint-Eloois-Winkel.

An autopsy was scheduled for Monday, but results have not been released, according to Reuters.

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