The Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed

by Antony Latham, MD

My cmnt: I purchased this book in 2014 and have read and reread it several times – yes, it is that good and informative. It is written on the undergraduate level and is not overly technical while still providing details to make his points. I recommend this to any of my readers interested in the evolution-Creation debate but more specifically to those who want an overview for the nonspecialist of why Darwinism has no clothes but is still paraded about by atheists and the Left as (like everything they believe) a mighty emperor in regal clothing while utterly naked.

My cmnt: In the evolution-Creation struggle young-earth creationists, besides being wrong in their interpretation of Genesis One, have caused needless harm to our side. Biblical Creationists accept any and all verifiable data and facts concerning science, geology, anthropology and specifically the age of the earth, sun and universe. However we strongly reject the religious presuppositions of philosophical materialism. The age of the earth, etc., has nothing to do with the utter lack of scientific evidence for Darwinistic evolutionary theory, i.e., macro-evolution or as we quaintly refer to it: “From Goo to You by way of the Zoo.”

My cmnt: The billions of years that evolution had to work with are mathematically insignificant as are the few hundred million years of advanced life since the Cambrian explosion of life nearly 500 million years ago. Probability theory shows us that even a 1,000 billion years is not enough time for the random assembly of something as complex as the living cell let alone a human being.

Here is an excerpt from the book (pg 66):

The origin of the chordates is as mysterious as the origin of any known phylum. There are no intermediate transitional fossils to link them to any other invertebrate.

Benton writes:

“It is hard to find any reason for paring adults of the phylum Chordata with any particular group of worms, molluscs, arthropods, or other potential relatives.” (2)

When an animal embryo develops from a single fertilized cell, the cell divides repeatedly until a hollow ball of cells is formed known as the blastula. A pocket of cells then moves inwards from the outside (as if one indents a tennis ball) and the opening of this deep pocket is called the plastopore. In most invertebrates (the protostomes) the blastopore becomes the mouth, while in others (the deuterostomes), including the chordates, this opening becomes the anus – and the mouth is a secondary perforation. Evolutionary theory claims that the deuterostomes evolved from the protostomes. All chordates are deuterostomes and it is necessary for evolutionists to envisage an extraordinarily unlikely process – that of completely changing this basic embryological structure from forming the mouth to forming the anus.

Benton writes:

“Such a dramatic turn-around, a switch from mouth to anus, seems incredible, and its evolution is a mystery of course since there are no intermediate stages!”

The exclamation mark and the word incredible in the above quote are Benton’s – this is just one more example of the puzzlement amongst palaeontologists about the lact of transitional forms and the seeming impossibility of one form evolving into another.

(2) Michael Benton (1997), Vertebrate Paleontology, Chapman and Hall.

End of excerpt.

Here is another (pg 11-12):

The Most complex system in the universe

It is not an exaggeration to say that cells, including bacterial cells (which have been on earth for 3.5 billion years), are the most complex known systems in the universe.

Paul Davies, in his book about the origin of life, The Origin of Life (2), has written:

The living cell is the most complex system known toman. Its host of specialized molecules, many found nowhere else but within living material, are themselves enormously complex. They execute a dance of exquisite fidelity, orchestrated with breathtaking precision. Vastly more complicated than the most complicated ballet, the dance of life encompasses countless molecular performers in synergetic coordination.

(2) Paul Davies,

End of excerpt.

From the back cover:

The author differentiates between micro-evolution, for which there is indisputable evidence, and macro-evolution. The former simply involves the reorganization of existing DNA to bring about adaptations which are clearly to a creatures’s advantage, such as arctic land animals developing white coats. The latter claims to involve the introduction of completely new and unique DNA resulting in new body plans, organs, systems, appendages, functions and animals thru the Darwinian principles of mutations and natural selection. This type of evolution, i.e., macro-evolution, is never observed in the fossil record nor anywhere else.

“In the Naked Emperor Dr Antony Latham showcases the powerful scientific argument that the universe and life were purposely designed. His deconstruction of Richard Dawkins’ reasoning is made even more compelling by the fairness and moderation of his critique.” Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry, Lehigh University, USA – Author of ‘Darwin’s Black Box.’

“For the past hundred years Darwinain evolution has sustained the edifice of western secular thought with its promise of a naturalistic explanation for the infinite variety and diversity of life. But for how much longer? Antony Latham’s lucid account of the current scientific challenges to Darwinian orthodoxy promises a revolution for biology and a profound reassessment of man’s place in the cosmos.” James le Fanu, Columnist, Daily Telegraph.

“The indictment (in this book) of Dawkins’ scientific scholarship is powerful, masterly and (I would say) unanswerable.” Paul Johnson, The Spectator.

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