Greasy old Biden grabs NBC reporter’s hand as he steps underneath her umbrella to answer her question

NBC’s Kristen Welker asked Biden about ending the COVID public health emergency

The notorious lecher is up to his old tricks – what a douche

My cmnt: If you watch the video this disgusting perv makes a beeline for Welker the moment he lays eyes on her.

Faux President Biden got up close and personal with NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker as she asked him about his decision to end the federal COVID emergency. 

Biden announced Monday his administration is ending the public health emergency that was first put in place by the Trump administration at the beginning of the pandemic.

But on a rainy Tuesday, the president took a moment to talk to the press, particularly Welker, who attempted to shout a question that was drowned out by the noise of Marine One. 

Biden approached Welker, grabbed her hand and pulled her umbrella towards him to keep dry.

“What’s behind your decision to end the COVID emergency?” Welker asked again.

“The COVID emergency will end when the Supreme Court ends it,” Biden responded. “We’ve extended it to May the 15th to make sure we get everything done. That’s all. There’s nothing behind it at all.”

The president appeared to confuse the COVID emergency with the battle to end Title 42, a policy enacted by the Trump administration that turns away migrants at the southern border due to the pandemic, which the Biden administration is trying to reverse. The Supreme Court ruled to keep the policy in place at least until the spring.

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