2022 Photomicrography Competition

Nikon sponsors – Nikon Small World

Top 20

Below is an example of this artistry. You can click each one below to see the photos.

1stGrigorii Timin,

2ndCaleb Dawson

3rdSatu Paavonsalo

4thAndrew Posselt

5thAlison Pollack

6thOle Bielfeldt

7thJianqun Gao

8thNathanael Prunet

9thMarek Sutkowski

10thMurat Öztürk

11thYe Fei Zhang

12thBrett Lewis

13thRandy Fullbright

14thNadia Efimova

15thZiad El-Zaatari

16thOlivier Leroux

17thDaniel Wehner, et al.

18thJulien Resseguier

19thTagide deCarvalho

20thHui Lin, et al.

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