Biden chief of staff fumes at report of ‘meltdowns’ under Buttigieg

Klain insisted that Buttigieg has ‘done an incredible job’ in his role

By Gabriel Hays | Fox News – Jan. 12, 2023 –

My cmnt: This guy Klain, by the by, is the real president of the U.S. He calls all the shots and is the brain-trust of the WH and faux-president O’Biden. Klain is a very smart, Leftist ideologue who is pure evil as he pushes the so-called Green agenda to destroy America.

My cmnt: Be sure to read the readers’ cmnts below. They are insightful and hilarious.

White House chief of staff Ronald Klain ripped into Axios on Thursday after the news outlet reported that Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s first two years in office were plagued with problems.

Klain slammed the claim as “ridiculous” and insisted that Buttigieg has “done an incredible job” while in office. 

White House chief of staff Ronald Klain listens during a cabinet meeting with President Biden at the White House in Washington, D.C., on July 20, 2021. (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Image)

The article in question, published Thursday morning, reported that a “historic string of air, rail and supply-chain meltdowns has plagued Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s first two years in office, placing him — for better or worse — at the center of crises affecting millions of people.”

The piece dropped right in the middle of a major airline crisis with a Federal Aviation Administration computer system glitch causing thousands of cancellations and delays in domestic flights between Wednesday and Thursday. The transportation secretary took plenty of heat for the issue.

Because of this and previous incidents happening during Buttigieg’s time in office, including being on the brink of a nationwide freight rail strike last year and lingering “global supply chain snarls linked to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Axios wrote, “A modest Cabinet role has become a political albatross for one of the Democratic Party’s brightest young stars.”

The article did note that much of the criticism Buttigieg received for these problems came from Republican critics and that Democrats still approve of his leadership. The outlet wrote, “Republicans have sought to make Buttigieg the face of the transport disruptions, while Democrats say his crisis leadership is proving his political mettle.”

Axios featured a quote from former Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who defended Buttigieg, saying, “You can’t go a day at DOT without some kind of a crisis. You have to provide the leadership, which I think Secretary Buttigieg has.”

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg speaks at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Sept. 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Klain has a history of railing against or supporting media takes while in office. In 2021, the White House chief of staff turned heads by promoting a column in The Hill that claimed “2021 Wasn’t All Bad” and defended the Biden administration. Klain shared the piece on Twitter as evidence that the White House he worked in was competent.

According to author Chris Whipple’s new book, “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” Klain reportedly claimed that the media often “invents” panic on issues that the Biden White House is trying to deal with, which “frustrates” the president. 

Readers’ cmnts

We experienced a complete meltdown of the supply chain, air, and ground travel, and crumbling infrastructure nationwide. He’s supposed to be the expert in charge. Is there anyone who can deny that this has happened since the beginning of his watch? Where is the debate? The proof has happened in the real world.

Seems like the regime is preparing and grooming Choo Choo Pete to be the next DNC presidential nominee. Trump vs Choo Choo in a debate would be so entertaining.

A Mayor who destroyed his city, what does one expect.

What we have experienced in the last 2 years is what happens when diversity, equity, and inclusion is more important than experience and ability.

Democrat’s DO NOT WANT experience or ability. Democrat’s want only sheep to follow the leader off a cliff if necessary.

But Mayor Petey removed the word “airmen” from the program because there are 11 people in the country that might be offended by the word. All of our transportation problems were solved when he removed extremely dangerous words from government programs.

I remember one, Elizabeth Dole during the Reagan years, she was no failure when it came to doing her job.

The man is too busy tending to his child. No time to work he needs to be home 24/7. Oh wait he is. Some women experience post birth trauma and depression, OH wait, he is NOT a woman nor is his husband. Months of the job for “maternal” leave? Imagine months away from his job and NO ONE NOTICED he was gone.

1) Supply chain in chaos.

2) Rail shutdown.

3) Air traffic leaves millions stranded at xmas.

4) Air traffic shutdown for hours this week.

Add those in just 2 years to his repeated use of private and military aircraft travel adventures for him and his husband, there’s been resignations for less usage, all on the taxpayers dime. It’s only been 2 years, I don’t see what “great things” he’s done but I clearly see what he hasn’t done and he owes the taxpayers a refund.

Twenty secretaries of transportation over the last half century, and he is the only one people can name. That’s not a good thing. The secretary of transportation should be basically anonymous. If you know their name, it’s because they have failed…badly.

It’s rather like the Environmental Czar Kerry using private jets aircraft for all his meetings over the globe, instead of flying commercial.

Trains stalled over 29 hours.

Flights cancelled by the thousands.

Shelves empty at the grocery.

Supply chains still broken.

Yet we spent nearly $2 TRILLION in an “infrastructure bill” over a year ago …. Why are things worse than ever? And democrats say SUCCESS?!

Dims say, “another $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill will fix it.”

Remember the slogan: Build Back Better…Nothing is Built…Nothing is Back…Nothing is Better…the entire administration is 100% incompetent.

Ron we get it. It is a Democratic watch but no blame or accountability can be requested of the darling left. Accountability, responsibility, and admitting mistakes is not in the leftist vocabulary.

The Democrats just need better “messaging.”

BUT, in spite of all of the failures and missteps, he has continued to push for EVs, so he is doing a great job, according to administration standards!!

Imagine pushing EV’s without a electrical grid to support charging them. Think CA, just happened, Newsom asked everyone to STOP charging their EV’s a few months ago.

EVentually get you to your long distance destination but very late!

Pete and his Husband had a Major Meltdown when they were on vacation last year and encountered a flight delay! Now they either fly Private or Military!

Pete is a VERY important man. He cannot be wasting time flying commercial, like the rest of us. Pete, Kerry and Gore need to jet all over the world saving the earth from fossil fuels. TIME IS SHORT!

A privilege of being a Rear Admiral. (whoa – that’s a good one – Editor)

I still have pot holes on my street… great job Pete

Name one thing Pete has done that we can all say way to go Pete? Just one and I’m not talking about taking one for the team…

Pete has done an incredible job. The DOT is now paved with pronouns.

I think the issue is that at this level of the game Mr B. should have better anticipation skills rather than flying around to attend fundraisers, parties, and unrelated tasks.

Yeah, petey is doing a great job of instilling equity in our transportation system, yesterday for example, all of us were equally affected by the airline grounding.

This is what happens when you check a box instead of hiring qualified people.

That’s the history of the Biden Administration. The one competent person in his administration, Jen Psaki, who was a liar par excellence, left for a better job.

Nothing but clowns are running so many Depts in our Gov. A proper pronoun may stop this from showing.

Now we know what the Biden Administration considers an incredible level of performance. That bar is so low it is beyond comprehension. Also now we know what to expect from Biden appointees.

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