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Update on the Damar Hamlin piece

Alex Berenson

7 hr ago

A reader pointed me to this striking 2021 paper in the European Heart Journal reporting on two cases in which rugby players suffered severe heart rhythm disturbances following blunt chest trauma. In both cases the men had histories of myocarditis which appeared to have caused or worsened the arrhythmias. In the second case, the myocarditis was undiagnosed; the player died.The authors found that the episodes could be distinguished from classic commotio cordis (trauma to the chest wall causing a sudden heart rhythm crisis) by underlying myocardial scarring. They concluded that the aftereffects of myocarditis raise “the risk of lethal ventricular arrhythmias following blunt chest trauma.”
SOURCE None of this proves anything about what happened yesterday, but it does show a differential diagnosis may be possible – if anyone in a position to care is interested in finding out definitively if the mRNA shots may be implicated. Don’t count on it.

Original story here:Unreported TruthsOn Damar Hamlin, mRNA shots, and spinFor Covid vaccine supporters, Monday night marked a new low. Maybe you saw the play firsthand. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin tackled Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins. The hit was violent, but nothing extraordinary, a routinely violent hit in a routinely violent game where players regularly break bones and knock each other out…Read more2 hours ago · 680 likes · 193 comments · Alex Berenson


Jerrys7 hr ago

The NFL will NEVER look deeply into this potential connection. After all, didn’t the league MANDATE that the players be jabbed? If so, then they are LIABLE for any damages the players may suffer because of the mandate.


Cindy SC7 hr agoSo true!


JonWrites Notebooks of an Inflamed Cynic 7 hr ago·edited 7 hr agoThe NFL didn’t mandate players take the vaccine. They just made it annoying for unvaccinated players about a week until the PA put an end to that.

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Sportsdoc7 hr agoWayyyyy more than annoying. A friend’s son is an active NFL player. You have no idea the pressure they put on them.

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sacky boi5 hr agoInteresting. I did read that NFL players may have gotten saline or just fake vx cards. Too much money involved. Pandora’s box has the lid askew.

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JonWrites Notebooks of an Inflamed Cynic 7 hr agoI got the sense that they were pushing more for “get somebody to fill out the damn card for you” than making sure you actually got it. But I have no direct knowledge.

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DanBC56 min agoAnd look how Aaron Rodgers was treated, as a result. The hyenas and parasites of the media wagged their viciousness at him.

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Latz514 hr agoAndy Reid and Jon Gruden paid fines for mask violations.


Cindy SC6 hr agoBuffalo Bills are 100% vaxxed. No vax= no play! I would say that is mandatory! His last booster was given to him on 12/26/22.


Nick Sheppard6 hr agoIf this jab date is true, he is completely in the vax injury window.Massively a big concern

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Next To Last of the Mohicans6 hr agonot entirely true. I noticed Cole Beasley is back on the team. famously not jabbed.but I think your point is that it’s more likely than not that Damar is jabbed and I agree.


I am not your Other6 hr agoWhat is your source for this date?


Cindy SC6 hr agoHis doctor posted it on Twitter earlier today.


I am not your Other6 hr agoThat was almost certainly fake. The poster was a data scientist before, then an MD today. And his twitter account has been deleted, probably for impersonating a doc. Also HIPAA would preclude a doc from discussing.


Cindy SC6 hr agoThanks for the correction and I did think it could be an imposter; however, HIPPA went out the window with Covid.


Jon Stephenson5 hr agoThe spirit of HIPPA went out the window, but a doctor publicly discussing his patient’s medical data without the patient’s permission would be the worst kind of violation. Even with covid that would likely be sanctioned. Big no no.

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Cindy SC4 hr agoAgree but there have been so many no-no’s over the past 3 years regarding the medical profession that I have such little faith left.


Jon Stephenson4 hr agoI feel the same way, it’s unbelievable what we’ve seen. But it’s still inconceivable his real doctor would post that.

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Cindy SC3 hr agoTrue; however, I witnessed first hand doctors shaming and pressuring family members for refusing to take the vax. I also had a nurse go off on the unvaxxed being the main reason that the hospitals were overwhelmed with patients. We were discriminated against by the medicalProfession for not being vaxxed.


Deb Hawthorne1 hr agoThis was taken down. Heard it was not true.


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