An Ode to Two Years of Unified Democratic Governance

It’s hard to put into words just how bad, how horrible, how devastating to America these two illegitimate years of O’Biden have been.

This senile, old, vile fool could only have been elected by blind, partisan Marxist democrats and by cheating through election fraud gotten away with by using the excuse of Covid-19.

Under President Trump we had the best economy – for everyone: blacks, Hispanics, women and children – in 60 years plus low inflation, low fuel prices, low unemployment and high labor participation rates. We were respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. We had achieved energy independence and were a net exporter of oil. We were building the border wall and most importantly had cut illegal immigration to a mere trickle compared to the tsunami we’ve been experiencing for two+ years.

We now have the worse inflation in 40 years, rising interest rates, falling stocks, rising crime and the doubling of gas prices. Russia has dared to invade Ukraine because Putin knows he is once more dealing with weak, traitorous democrats and a shadow presidency actually run by lily-white, douche-bag staffers. The potbellied dictator of North Korea is again shooting missiles over Japan and evil Joe his ramping up Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Instead of Hiden-Biden we had UpFront-Trump who was never afraid to talk to the openly hostile democrat-media complex. Absolutely nothing good (except the Trump nominated Supreme Court majority finally ridding the nation of the unconstitutional Roe-v-Wade) has happened under Biden.

The democrats have proven that they can put up two brain-damaged morons (i.e., Biden and Fetterman) who barely campaigned while running for office, were propped up by a sycophant, fawning press and media, never asked any real questions by said media, have done and said the most vile and stupid things, never once talked about the economy and the democrat base along with uninformed independents and propagandized white college-indoctrinated guilty white people and 18+ year old boys and girls will vote for them!

And this religious-motivated climate change green energy fiasco has already added 10 Trillion dollars to the national debt. Blue, democrat-run states and cities are passing laws to legalize infanticide. These modern day Canaanites and old time Marxists are ruining America and threatening our freedoms.

Never, ever vote democrat.

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