Mickey Joseph – Dear Dad: Not all Superheros wear capes


Jun 19, 2022

Written By Shelly Mullenix – for Healthy Tiger

I love going to Malania Tee ball games and playing catch outside with Lil Mickey. I love watching the movies on Disney with both kids.

LSU is such a kid friendly place our kids are always welcome in the Football Office and they love coming to work with me. This coaching lifestyle can be hard on families. I don’t think people realize how much time is devoted to the job. And the job of being a dad doesn’t always stop with your own kids. I appreciate the opportunity to help to mold my athletes…I treat them like family too! I am thankful to have a wife who can keep us all in check and do it with love!

Mickey Joseph 1.JPG
Mickey Joseph 2.JPG
Mickey Joseph 3.JPG
Mickey Joseph 4.JPG
Mickey Joseph 5.JPG

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