Republicans Gain Control of the House

With a victory in California, Republicans captured the 218 House seats required to take a narrow majority and frustrate President Biden’s agenda. In Los Angeles, Karen Bass became the first woman elected as mayor of the nation’s second-largest city.

Nov. 16, 2022Updated 9:54 p.m. ET – The New York Times

My cmnt: It’s about damn time! This nonsense of not knowing an election’s outcome the night of the vote is preposterous. Democrats have so messed up voting because of their need to cheat to secure their power. The massive illegal voting fraud they perpetrated in four democrat-run cities in 2020 was traitorous.

My cmnt: All early voting needs to be confined to just one week before an election and 98% of all voting needs to occur the day of. It’s absurd to make voting on a Tuesday when most Republicans are working. It needs to be either a national holiday or held on a Saturday. It must be 100% paper ballots which must be kept secure for the next two years so that they can be thoroughly gone over by bipartisan officials when democrats try to cheat.

My cmnt: Voter photo ID must be a national law and if you’re too stupid to fill in an oval correctly then you shouldn’t be voting. If you’re too old, blind or any other handicap then you can sign a waiver and have a friend or relative come with you to help fill in the ballot. Secure and honest elections must be the rule not the exception.

The morning after Election Day in Washington.
The morning after Election Day in Washington.Credit…T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times


Nov. 16, 2022, 9:54 p.m. ET

Shane Goldmacher

Republicans capture control of the House after falling short of midterm expectations.

Republicans secured a slender majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, a delayed yet consequential finish to the 2022 midterm elections that will reorder the balance of power in Washington and is expected to effectively give the party a veto on President Biden’s agenda for the next two years.

With vote counting stretching for over a week, the Republican Party formally captured the 218 House seats needed to claim the majority after just four years out of power. The outcomes in six close races that remain undecided will determine the final size of a slim Republican majority that will be far narrower than party leaders had expected, though Republicans still cheered the achievement.

“The era of one-party Democrat rule in Washington is over,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, said this week on Capitol Hill, as his Republican colleagues nominated him to serve as House speaker. “Washington now has a check and balance.”

The victory of Representative Mike Garcia of California pushed Republicans into the majority, a somewhat anticlimactic finish to an election that was an overall disappointment for House Republicans who had arrived at Election Day with grandiose predictions of a red wave. Of the six remaining uncalled House races, Republicans were ahead in four and Democrats were leading in two.

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