Atlantic’s COVID Amnesty Request Was a Massive Political Blunder

A nearly useless mask being forced onto an unfortunate nursing home resident while Covid-positive patients were being placed into nursing homes causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of these residents sadly living in Bright Blue states run by evil democrat governors.

By John Nolte – Nov 2, 2022 – for

On Tuesday, the far-left Atlantic thought it could aid and abet Democrats with a plea for COVID amnesty.

They thought wrong.

The piece’s thrust was this:

We didn’t know then what we know now. When we closed your schools, masked your kids, fired you, fined you, LOL’d at your death, bankrupted your small business, arrested your preacher, killed your Grandma by pouring infection into her nursing home, and then made sure she died alone; we honestly believed we were doing the right thing!

As I laid out in detail Tuesday, that is all lies. These tyrants knew exactly what they were doing, most especially Atlantic owner — the fascist Laurene Powell Jobs — who did this while demanding your mom die alone.

So why did the Atlantic blatantly lie, and why should we thank them for blatantly lying?

Here’s why the Atlantic lied…

Democrats are about to get wiped out in large part by suburban mothers in blue states and cities where the COVID tyranny and human rights abuses were the worst. The Atlantic’s request for an amnesty was a direct, election-eve appeal to these suburban voters to forgive, forget, and vote Democrat. It doesn’t get any more cynical or dishonest than that, but that’s what the Atlantic was aiming for.

Without apologizing or even admitting they did anything wrong, without promising never to do it again, without any contrition or remorse or consequences, these monsters are requesting amnesty.

More proof arrogance breeds stupidity like rats breed plague.

And here’s why we should thank the Atlantic for lying.

This was a MASSIVE political blunder.

One week before a consequential national political election, the idiots at the Atlantic made COVID tyranny front and center again. This gave countless outlets like Breitbart good reason to re-litigate the left’s COVID horrors. One week before Election Day, these desperate and bubbled Atlantic morons put one of the Democrat party’s worst issues front and center.

Better still, even if these suburban moms aren’t reading outlets like Breitbart; they’re not stupid. More than anyone, moms know what these monsters did to their children. So the Atlantic trying to gaslight them in such a brazen and shameless way will only infuriate and remind them of the arrogance and lack of repentance on the part of those who abused their children and aging parents.

The people responsible for this want amnesty now

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) November 2, 2022

So many thanks to the Atlantic for being so out of touch with reality and our shared humanity that they thought people would forgive and forget their human rights atrocities without justice, accountability, or even an apology.

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