Biden billed by British news as ‘nasty,’ ‘useless’

By Cheryl K. Chumley The Washington Times – Monday, October 10, 2022

An associate editor with the British newspaper, The Telegraph, slammed President Joe Biden as “nasty,” feckless, weak, intolerant — and that was just the beginning.

This is how the world views Biden.

And by extension, this is how America’s enemies are exploiting Biden.

From Camilla Tominey, associate editor — this headline: “Useless and nasty: Joe Biden has revealed himself.”

She goes on to ask, “Are the president’s outbursts a product of his age — or simply a display of his character?”

Good question.

In the end, as far as leadership goes, it really doesn’t matter. The result is the same: an American president who is mocked, derided, scorned and exploited.

“Biden’s qualities for the Oval Office are almost non-existent,” Tominey writes.

“From losing his train of thought mid-sentence to forgetting one of his own congresswomen had died in a car crash, [Biden] has hardly proved to be the answer to America’s crisis of confidence,” she continues.

Remember when Biden called Peter Doocy with Fox News a “stupid son of a b——?” How about even more recently, when told the mayor of Fort Myers Beach that “no one f—— with a Biden” — remember that?

Tominey does.

“Far from the carefully cultivate cuddly figure we are sold by the Democrats, there seems to be a rather nasty side to Sleep Joe,” she writes.

And then the big question: Is this the president’s character or just a sign of his declining mental capacities?

“These [are] the rantings of an intolerant, stuck-in-his-ways old man who can’t abide anyone who disagrees with him,” Tominey says.

True. But it’s deeper. It goes deeper than that.

He’s a habitual liar. He’s creepy to the point of “keep your children away” creepy. And that’s been his character for decades.

Everybody knows it.

Everybody, it seems, including writers for top news organizations overseas.

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