Barack Obama Has Missing Records. When Will the FBI Ransack His House?

By Matt Vespa | @mvespa1 | Posted: Aug 11, 2022 11:45 AM – for

OBummer himself: Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

My cmnt: There is no doubt that B.O. took all kinds of classified documents when he left the White House. He would have to. His was the most corrupt and nontransparent regime ever. His top secret and classified emails exchanged with Hillary on her illegal and unsecured private server would have landed President Trump in prison WHILE still in office. The demos accuse Republicans, and especially Trump, of everything they ACTUALLY do.

My cmnt: Democrat criminality is either completely ignored or given a slap on the wrist – case in point: Sandy Burglar Berger, Former National Security Advisor of the United States under Obama, was caught on camera stuffing top secret documents down his socks and into his underwear and then he tried to hide them in drop locations to deliver them to Russian spies or who knows who. He should have been put into prison for the rest of his life instead, being a democrat and an Obamanite, he got 9 months community service. The demon-rats have been getting away with murder (Bill & Hillary) and having Red Chinese communists spies (Diane Feinstein) as their drivers for 20 years and FDR’s admin was just chockfull of Russian spies (Alger Hiss among others).

My cmnt: The Clintons stole 200 FBI files on their political enemies and used it for blackmail. These records were suddenly “discovered” by a maid cleaning the White House bedroom closet. The Clintons had no idea how they got there. And per usual nothing happened to them from our corrupt DOJ.

My cmnt: Our two-tier justice system – no justice for democrat criminality, including stealing the 2020 election by illegally changing our voting system using Covid as the excuse, while Republicans are harassed with predawn raids for doing absolutely nothing except being a Republican.

Dems just added 80,000 new IRS agents to harass the middle class and Republicans
When President Trump said, “Lock her up.”, he was telling the truth about her criminality.

If the Federal Bureau of Investigation is going to be roving the countryside looking for presidential documents, then Barack Obama’s residence must be next. By now, you all know about the federal raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, executed under the pretense of document retrieval. The FBI deployed many agents to find documents for the National Archives. The political class doesn’t want Trump to run again, and they used their allies at the Department of Justice to deliver that warning. Agents broke into the safe, manhandled Melania Trump’s clothing, and absconded with boxes of supposed documents meant for preservation, but reportedly barred Trump’s lawyers from overseeing the search. 

All of this over some reported missing records—it’s just waggish that the feds would think we, the American people, would buy this narrative. I don’t think even the staunchest Trump hater even believes this line, with their main criticism being just that—the cover story isn’t plausible. It’s not, but let’s have some fun with this game. If federal agents are roving nationwide to ensure the National Archives is content, then Obama’s house must be ransacked next because the issue tracking all his documents stems back to 2018. Troves of Obama files went missing—vanished into the ether. Real Clear Politics around this time reported on the lost files, with Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco via her private homebrew server again being mentioned (via RCP):

In the middle of directing the difficult task of transferring the historically important records of the Obama administration into the National Archives, the archivist in charge, David Ferriero, ran into a serious problem: A lot of key records are missing.

A first-rate librarian, Ferriero has been driving a much-needed digital overhaul and expansion of the National Archives over the nine years of his appointment. This will greatly improve the ability of digital search locally and remotely, as well as accessing the files themselves. 

To support this effort, in 2014 President Obama signed the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments. For the first time electronic government records were placed under the 1950 Federal Records Act. The new law also included updates clarifying “the responsibilities of federal government officials when using non-government email systems” and empowering “the National Archives to safeguard original and classified records from unauthorized removal.” Additionally, it gives the Archivist of the United States the final authority in determining just what is a government record.

And yet the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and “loss” of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges. So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders. The IRS suffered record “losses” as well. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy called it “an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws.”

The Obama library has been constructed. It’s operational and open to the public, but maybe we should check if he doesn’t have records tucked away at his Martha’s Vineyard estate. I mean, the man wanted over 10,000 documents kept under seal. Boxes of papers from Mar-a-Lago were already returned to the National Archives last February, and the feds still came down on Trump looking for anything to keep the Russian collusion myth alive—I mean, those precious presidential papers that just needed an escort by the Hoover brigade. It’s a circus. If we’re prying open safes of former presidents based on political bias, Obama’s residences should be raided when the GOP regains executive control. We just must ensure that the Presidential Records Act is being honored. It’s patriotism. That’s what some people are telling me

Readers’ comments:

While you’re looking for Obama’s presidential records, why not look for his papers that were sealed by Elena Kagan, in exchange for her lifetime appointment to SCOTUS? No other candidate for president of the United States has been allowed to run without showing those papers–schooling, birthplace, financial history, criminal background check, etc. Why should Obozo be excluded?

and explain how someone who was supposedly born in Hawaii has a Connecticut Social Security number.

You are going to get into trouble with the FBI?

You are not allowed to say anything derogatory about Obama because he is from one of the democrats’ protected classes.

You mean King Obumer? He’s an A number one con man.

UmBeebWe al Kenya’s stash will be recovered by FBI on the 33rd of Never

They are safely stored along with Lois Lerner’s emails.

When will the fbi (kgb) raid Clinton’s home for the server; emails; evidence linking them to Epstein; and the 50 or so people who have committed Arkanicide?

Up to approximately 76, I believe. MASS MURDERERS, ORGANIZED CRIME. RICO the Clinton Crime Family. DO IT NOW!

Records in obama’s and clinton’s homes are being destroyed as I type this.

Barry Sotero’s FBI collected enough dirt on the Clintons that he is probably safe from them, and the Clintons did the same to Barry. Standoff: MAD. Only thing likely to break the stalemate would be a deathbed confession by Epstein’s English kink.

Ah, but then again, what His Holiness, St. Barry of the Vineyard, has retained are the sacred texts and holy scripts of his 8-year glorious reign on earth, which are likely now stored atop Mt Sinai, and can only be handed down from there by a Most Divine Hand. They even may have even been put inside the Ark of the Covenant for safe-keeping, and we know what happens when you go open that up without good authority.

DOJ and FBI are Democrat strongholds of corruption. Every living Democrat president needs to be investigated for politicizing and corrupting law enforcement and indicted for crimes promoting and ordering false information in warrants and indictments.

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