There’s just so much wrong with this picture

Ariya Miller (right) blows bubbles while Madison Hornung (center) holds a protest sign during an abortion rights rally held in front of the Nebraska State Capitol on Monday. KENNETH FERRIERA, Journal Star

From the Lincoln Journal Star – Sunday July 17, 2022 – Opinion page

It could be argued that this sign does not belong in public and certainly not on the opinion page of our local newspaper. It also raises the question, why are abortion advocates so vulgar and vile? And this indoctrinating of young girls to believe that killing your baby is a Constitutional right seems a bit beyond the pale.

At the very least this could strike one as very questionable parenting. Holding signs at various protests by the Left with pornographic words and images has in the past been the province of adults, now we have a young girl who appears to be a child holding such a sign with the odd juxtaposition of another young child innocently blowing soap bubbles.

As I’ve said before this whole movement is proselytized like a religion or a cult. It’s roots run all the way back to the Canaanites who were driven from the land by God thru Israel because of their religious abominations. Their practice was to make their babies pass thru the fire which means to have sex with the temple prostitutes and then take the babies born to them and throw them onto the alter of fire as an offering to their gods.

For the Pelosi-democrat-Left in America the Earth is their god and blind chance is their creator; sex is their religion and abortion is their sacrament; and they no longer know what a real, human woman is but rather have reduced her to her uterus and fallopian tubes much like some American Indians’ use of the word squaw in a derogatory reference to a female person.

This photo also shows the democrat confusion à la Kentaji Brown Jackson over even being able to define what a “woman” is. So rather than say “He who is not a woman” they must now refer stupidly to women as “birthing persons” or “uterus carriers” or some other squaw-like connotation. Once you start down the road of politically correct nonsense you always end up driving right off the cliff.

2 thoughts on “There’s just so much wrong with this picture

  1. I’d say the vulgar attitude towards the ancient way is more dangerous than any of the content. Just as thoughtlessly mocking a wicked fool is more dangerous to the soul than anything the fool can do to you.


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