Ireland Baldwin Shouts Her Abortion: ‘I Chose Me, and I Would Choose Me Again’

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By ALANA MASTRANGELO – 28 Jun 2022 – for

My cmnt: Click here to watch animated videos of what happens during a 1st and 2nd trimester abortion. Warning: this is very disturbing, no one under 12 yrs old should watch this. However if you are Pro-abortion this may help to change your mind to ProLife.

Ireland Baldwin says she got an abortion because she knows “exactly what it felt like to be born between two people who hated each other” — referring to her parents, actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

“I chose to get an abortion, because I know exactly what it felt like to be born between two people who hated each other,” Baldwin revealed in a TikTok video Sunday.

She went on to explain that she was in an “unhappy relationship” with her boyfriend when she became pregnant, adding, “he made it pretty clear that he never wanted kids or marriage. He barely wanted to be in a serious relationship.”

“Could I have had that baby and put that baby up for adoption? Maybe. Maybe not,” Baldwin added. “But choosing to raise a baby without my own financial security, without a loving and supportive partner, that wasn’t gonna work for me.”

“I chose me, and I would choose me again. It’s your life, it’s your choice,” she added.

Elsewhere in the video, Baldwin mentioned that she was raped when she was teenager, although she did not mention getting pregnant as a result of the rape.

“I was raped when I was a teenager, and I was completely unconscious when it happened, and it changed the course of the rest of my life,” she said.

“I spiraled,” Baldwin added. “I lost control of my life. I drank a lot more. I partied a lot more. I self-medicated. I was in other abusive and toxic relationships and friendships. I pretty much did everything I could to distract myself.”

While pro-abortion activists continuously use rape and incest as an excuse to justify killing unborn children, just one percent of women get an abortion because they became pregnant through rape, and less than 0.5 percent do so because of incest, USA Today noted in 2019. According to Live Action, roughly 80% of abortions are elective or for no reason.

Baldwin is just one of many celebrities sharing their support for killing unborn children in response to the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday, holding in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that the Constitution does not include a right to abortion — thus returning the issue of abortion laws and regulations to state legislatures.

After the overruling was announced, a cohort of celebrities took to social media, where they issued unhinged diatribes in reaction to the reality that not as many killings will transpire in a post-Roe America.

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Readers’ comments:

“I chose me, and I would choose me again”
…said Baldwin.

Therein lies the actual root of the lust for abortions and nearly every other crime and every destructive thing in the US.


Some women are not fit to be mothers, but that doesn’t mean they should have a “right” to kill their babies.

She is a bleak image of the hedonistic lack of morality which has been brainwashed into our people. It’s this selfish hedonism which is part of what is erasing our countries at full tilt.


Smackademic, PhD. Depl. Stud. 

“Could I have had that baby and put that baby up for adoption? Maybe. Maybe not,” Baldwin added. “But choosing to raise a baby without my own financial security, without a loving and supportive partner, that wasn’t gonna work for me.”

We’re supposed to believe that she couldn’t have given the baby up for adoption, AND that she as Hollywood royalty couldn’t AFFORD to raise a baby?

Alec and Kim apparently produced one dumb lying nut-job.

BarleyPoP reply to Smackademic, PhD. Depl. Stud. 

My boyfriend and I were fighting and hated each other so we had unprotected sex cause we’re both idiots and don’t know how babies are made, ya-know so when I found out ya-know so I killed IT ya-know cause IT was in the way of ME ya-know cause.

ourzoo10 reply to BarleyPoP 

That is about the size of it…and it is one of the Stupidest remarks anyone could make. You hated him but you still liked the ‘experience’…what a stupid excuse for a human.

SuccotashWish reply to ourzoo10

In 2007 Alec Baldwin called his then 11 year old daughter a “thoughtless little pig” in a voicemail and I felt sorry for her. Now I think he was right. Democrats love excuses and also create problems then never solve them so they can run on the issue every 2 years. Our horrible economy has to get better with companies paying for abortion travel now…yeah, nobody is buying that. And I guess there really is no good in that part of the Baldwin clan.

CommitThatOldSin reply to SuccotashWish

His comment seemed mean at the time and now appears strangely prescient. What do Ireland and Alex Baldwin now have in common? They have both killed another person.

Steven appears to have turned out pretty good.

The rest of that crowd though…train wreck.

Adam is another good Baldwin….probably because he isn’t related.

Seems to me in my olden days, that preventing pregnancy is easier than what one goes through to abort the pregnancy. The stigma attached to abortion is “you’re a baby killer.” You have a scarlet “A” tatted on your forehead for the rest of your life. The pat on the back you so desire isn’t coming. As a matter of fact, when you get as old as me, and no children to share your life with, you will always be wondering how your child would have endured in their life and in yours. Too late, you’ll never know. I am blessed for choosing life.

So true. My aunt put my cousin, whom she adopted because she could not conceive, and his 17 yr old pregnant girlfriend on a bus to Colorado in 1970 so she could get an abortion. When he told me about it I didn’t even know what an abortion was. Many decades later my cousin – four wives later – has no children and lives alone, my aunt has no grandchildren and lives alone, and the girl has long since disappeared from their lives.

One thought on “Ireland Baldwin Shouts Her Abortion: ‘I Chose Me, and I Would Choose Me Again’

  1. What is the sacrifice made for freedom? Does freedom sacrifice freedom? That would be contradictory. Freedom must sacrifice unfreedom. This is why I could not continue wearing a mask just because it would please others. That would be me sacrificing someone locked down and dying of depression in the inner cities or Australia or dying of starvation in India and the Philippines. This is why I cannot in good conscience ask another person to give up the right to bear arms, even though I myself am a pacifist. This is why a lady should never abort her child; why her protector must never accept the lie that she evolved from some animal. Everyone is willing to give of himself for something, and that cost of sacrifice had better cost unfreedom dearly.


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